The Company’s rules

Signing a contract does not require a bilateral signing, but the Company has the right without requiring explanation or substantiation of the reasons to ask the user to come to his office and sign this Offer.

Company Services are provided to the user for free.

By accepting the terms of this Public Offer through the Acceptance, the user assures the Company that

  • The data provided at the registration stage, including personal are true,
  • Acceptance of a public offer, that is, to conclude the contract voluntarily, including: a) has fully acquainted with the terms of the public offer; b) fully understands the meaning and realize of its actions related to the conclusion and execution of the Contract,
  • Has all the necessary rights and powers for the conclusion and execution of the contract․


E-commerce platform exploitation restrictions։

The company does not guarantee 24-hour access to the e-commerce platform and services.

The Company does not guarantee that the Services software or the E-commerce platform does not contain errors or are always smooth and does not exclude that during the E-Commerce exploitation, there may be restrictions on its accessibility and compatibility or compatibility with hardware or software.

The company also does not guarantee the availability of e-commerce platforms and services for all or some types of phones and operating systems.

However, the Company informs that the E-commerce platform is for iOS and Android operating systems.

Applications work with the following types of operating systems: Android – 4.2 (Jelly Bean) 17, IOS – 10.0 and above.


Registration of the user

The person who wants to become a user must go through the registration process on the E-commerce platform. During the registration, the User shall be provided the login specified by him, which is later used by the User when using the E-commerce platform. The password is provided by the Staff by sending it to the user’s telephone number mentioned on the e-commerce platform.

When registering on an e-commerce platform, the user is required to fill out all the reliable and up-to-date information required for the creation of his/her personal information, including e-mail address, telephone number, name and surname. E-commerce platform registration form may require additional information from the user. When filling out a personal page, the user verifies that the information in the personal page is made public, that is, accessible to all Users.

The User is responsible for the reliable, complete, fresh information provided during the registration process according the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, to refrain from the claims of third parties. Users are responsible for maintaining and confidentiality of data (Login and Password) required for registration and access to the E-commerce platform. All operations related to the Company’s Services performed using the User’s login and Password considered to made by the user. The user is responsible to third parties for all actions performed using the User’s Login and Password. The company is not responsible that the third parties have violated User rights by unauthorized access to the User’s Login-Password pair. The Company is not responsible for unauthorized use of the User’s Login and Password by third parties.

During registration, the User grants his/her agreement to this Public Offer and holds the rights and obligations related to the use of the E-commerce platform.

After the successful registration of the user in the e-commerce platform, the Company bear the rights and obligations of the User defined by this Public offer


The process of checking the master:

A person who wants to register as a master before the registration process begins passes the verification process which implies verification of user data as well as testing. A person is invited to an interview with the Staff for testing.

The Master’s status is provided by the Staff according to his by testing results and information required from the User. The stuff has the right not to provide Master status without any explanation, regardless of the cost and effort that the person has suffered during the inspection. In case of granting a Master status, the Staff provide Login-Password pair to the User.


Rules of placing and execution of the order:

Clients can place an order for any type of services/works specified in the list of services/works on the E-commerce platform.

From the moment of acceptance of the order the Client’s and Master’s personal pages and contact details become available to each other.

From the moment of acceptance of the order the performer takes measures as soon as possible, as a rule within fifteen minutes, to communicate with the Client through the contact provided in the E-commerce site.

From the moment of acceptance of the order, the Client and the Performer are considered to have concluded a contract for the provision of services / work. As needed and according to the Order the Client and the Performer may compile and sign a contract or any other document.

The performer must personally come at time marked in the order for making the order at the place marked in the order if the agreement by the Client has not been changed or the order has not been canceled.

In case of the difference of the volume of the work, types or other terms form the order, the Performer should contact to the Stuff to discuss the issue of changing the terms of the Order and to confirm the new Order, after which either the Order is canceled or the new Order is approved.

During the making of the order, if there is a change in the volume of the work, the Performer must inform the Staff for confirming a new Order.

The Performer is obliged and the Client has the right to request to pay only the value of the Order.

The Muster must:

  • Make the order and receive the payment by himself/herself,
  • No additional requirement from the client except for the payment of the order,
  • Provide high quality of making the order,
  • Be friendly with the Client,
  • Not interfere with the process of rating by the Client,
  • not to give his/her personal contact information to the Client from the E-commerce platform, in the future, not to accept orders from that Client outside the E-commerce platform.

The Client and the Performer must confirm the fact of making the Order and payment of the Order through the Company’s Services.

Mutual calculations resulting from a contract signed between the Client and the Performer for the making service/ task performance shall be carried out by the Parties independently (without the intervention of the company).


Message service

After registration users have access to the messaging system, allowing the exchange of information between the Staff and other Users. Messaging through this service is not considered personal. By using this service, the user accepts the fact that the Staff has the right to read the sent messages at any time.

Users agree to receive messages from the Staff at any time and for any particular purpose, including advertising. The staff has the right to fill in the text of messages sent by the user with the advertisement materials. The Stuff does not perform any changes to messages sent by users to each other (primary viewing, evaluation and filtering). Users are prohibited from using the messaging service for the following purposes:

  1. To carry out actions which violate the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the norms of international law,
  2. Upload, send, transmit, or otherwise make available any promotional information without permission, spam schemes, “pyramid schemes”, “chain letters”,
  3. Upload, send, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting morality, slander, infringement of copyrights, prejudice of hatred and / or discrimination against people: race, nationality, gender, religion, and other social factors,
  4. Upload, send, transmit or otherwise make available materials that violate the rights of third parties.

The Staff has the right to make available personal messages to third parties in the cases defined by the RA legislation.


Rights and responsibilities of Users.


The user has the right to:

  • Use the Company’s services in the case of acceptance of the “Public Offer for the Contract for the E-Commerce platform services “,
  • To filing complaints to the Stuff against other Users by the fact that this public offer has been violated.

The user must:

  • When using the Services of the Company, observe all the conditions set out in the ” Public Offer for Concluding Contracts on E-Commerce Platform Services”
  • Not to abuse the opportunity, independently or through third parties not to exploit the Company’s Services for purposes that may be classified as unfair competition, other breaches of the law, non-performance of actions that affecting the normal functioning of the E-Commerce platform,
  • Keep the following prohibition.


The user is prohibited:

  • To register as a User on behalf of someone else or instead (“Fake Accounts”),
  • To confuse users by providing unreliable information about their personality or use another registered user’s login and password,
  • To publish, disseminate, give it to use or use any other information which contains threats, discredit, insult, hurt the reputation and dignity of other users or third parties, or violates their privacy, violates the rights of grownups, is vulgar or incompatible, contains pornographic images and texts or sexually explicit involvement with juveniles , contains inhuman treatment with animals, contains a description of suicide measures and forms, contains suicide propagates and / or promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or intolerance, promotes fascism or racial superiority ideology, contains extremist material, propagates criminal activity, or contains instructions or directions for performing such acts; accessible information that includes state and trade secrets, third-party privacy, contain drug traffickers or information on their use, including “digital drugs” (audio files that affect human brain through binary rhythms), contain information on drug circulation, their preparation or advice on drug use, also violates the rights and interests of citizens or legal entities or violates the legislation of the Republic of Armenia,
  • In any form including fraud, abuse of trust, attempt to break down other User’s login and password,
  • To collect and process of other personal information illegally,
  • To publish, distribute, use, or otherwise use any other information which in the opinion of the Staff is considered not comply with the purpose of creating an e-commerce platform, infringes upon the interests of the Users or otherwise is undesirable for posting on the E-commerce site.


User’s Responsibility:

Users carry the responsibility arising from their activity / inactivity during the use of the E-commerce platform.

The user undertakes to resolve disputes related to the execution of orders by his / her own efforts and at his / her own expense and to settle claims of third parties or to compensate damages caused to the company as a result of claims and lawsuits (including court expenses), if the basis for such claims and lawsuits was the actions or inaction of the user when using the services of the company.

The user is fully responsible:

  • to comply with legal requirements, including legislation on advertising, intellectual property, competition,
  • for the accuracy of the information specified by him / her when registering as a user in the electronic application

In case of violation of this public offer by the User, the Stuff has the right to suspend (temporary ban) the User’s entry into the E-commerce platform and, in case of rude and / or repeated violations, to reject the User’s access to the E-Commerce Platform (permanent ban).

Violations that may result of the deprivation or the suspension of a Master’s status․

  • The master has received five or more negative ratings,
  • The Master put out his / her contact information in Orders’ comments or made links to websites that contain this information or give them a different connection with the Master, including the Master’s works or portfolios sites,
  • In the comments of the order, the Master used disrespectful expressions, insults, discussed the questions that is not concerning to the order,
  • The staff has received complaints from the Clients about the Master (rude, vulnerable, inadequate communication, break of arrangements, etc.),
  • The Master has accepted the Order, but without the agreement of the Client and without canceling the Order has refused to do that has resulted in the conflict situation or non-execution of the Order,
  • The master has accepted the Order but instead of his / her send it to another person (for example, a friend, sister, or neighbor)
  • The master breaks the requirements about the photo on his page. Only the Master must be on the photo (face on the big plan) without other people, subjects or animals,
  • Master violated the Staff Contact Rules. The staff is for to trace all the Users to keep the clauses ” of the Public Offer for Conclusion of an Agreement for Electronic Trading Platform Services ” as well as advising users how to correctly fill out their pages, how to write correct comments and suggestions about orders. To discuss controversial issues with the staff, users must use only direct communication means: phone number, e-mail. It is forbidden to argue publicly with the Staff or to discuss the latter’s actions. You may file a complaint against the actions or inaction of the staff by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

The master’s status is suspended in the following cases and periods:

  1. Canceling of the order disrespectful, unclear or suspicious reasons – 15 days,
  2. Changing of time and date of the order – 45 days,
  3. Changing of the order price – 45 days,
  4. Accepting and not making the order – 60 days,

In case of a third violation in paragraph 1, the Master’s status shall be suspended for 90 days.

In case of repeated violations mentioned in points 2, 3 and 4, the Master’s status is terminated.

At the same time, the Company is not limited to the above reasons and terms, and at any time at the discretion of the Stuff the Master or Performer status can be removed or suspended without explaining the reasons.

The Master shall be obliged to pay the Client a liability of 250,000 AMD if he / she has given his /her contact information in any other way and has received an order out of the e-commerce platform.


Rights, duties, responsibilities of the Company:

The Company has the right:

  • Forbid any user from using the electronic trading platform and services at any time,
  • Technical, technological or other reasons that hinder the providing of the Services, temporarily suspend the providing of the Services until the elimination of these barriers,
  • Terminate the provision of services and / or unilaterally and out of court terminate the “public offer to conclude an agreement for the provision of services of the e-commerce platform” by sending a notification to the user’s e-mail address or phone number specified during registration on the electronic trading platform, if the User has violated the obligations established by the “public offer to conclude an agreement for the provision of services of the electronic trading platform”.

The company must:

  1. Provide the Services to the User in accordance with the terms and conditions set in the “Public Offer for Conclusion of a Contract for e-commerce Platform Services”
  2. When providing services to provide access to the user’s personal page using the selected username and password,

During the entire period of the public offer the company makes every effort to prevent any failures or errors in the operation of the electronic trading platform, and in case of their occurrence to eliminate them as soon as possible At the same time, the company does not guarantee failure or errors when placing an order, including within the software.


Company Responsibility:

In case of violation of the public offer conditions the Parties bear the responsibility established by the Public Offer and / or the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.


The Company does not bear any responsibility:

  • For any actions/omissions that are the result of direct or indirect actions of the user and/or third parties,
  • Indirect costs or lost profits of the user and / or third parties irrespective of whether the Company could prevent the possibility of such damage or not
  • Any consequences of the use (impossibility of use) or use (impossibility of use) of the payment types chosen by the user, as well as the receipt and/or any method of use and/or the means of information used by the User and/or third parties

The Company is not responsible for the loss or other damages that the User has suffered because of the actions of third parties.


Applicable legislation and dispute settlement procedures:

The relationship between the Company and the Users is regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

In case of any dispute and disagreement with concerning to the action of this Public Offer, the Company and the Users shall make every effort to resolve them through negotiations. If the disputes are not settled through negotiations within a reasonable time, then they shall be solved prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia in judicial or extrajudicial ways.


Procedure for Entering and Changing the Public Offer:

Public offer, attachments of the Public Offer and its integral parts and their modifications shall come into force on the E-commerce platform.

For the User this Public Offer shall come into force from the moment of his / her joining the public offer and shall be deemed invalid.

Any changes in the public offer and its attachments may be made at any time. The Company may at any time, at its discretion, modify this Public Offer and / or cancel it. Acquaintance with the public offer and its changes is considered the personal responsibility of each user. Users are required to get acquainted themselves with the current version of the Public Offer before using the E-commerce platform and / or Company Services.

In case of making changes, these changes come into force from the moment of placement of the changed public offer on the E-commerce platform, if other time of entry into force of changes is not established in the Public offer or in its changes.

Changes to this public offer for users come into force from the moment they are sent to the e-mail address specified in the registration process on the E-commerce platform, or their availability in any other way.

If the user does not agree to the modified version of the Public Offer, he / she must immediately stop using the Services. The user who continues to use the E-commerce platform and/or the company’s services agrees to the changes in the Public offer.

Բնակարանի նորոգումը նորակառույց շենքում ունի բազմաթիվ նրբություններ: Ընդհանրապես, նորակառույցում բնակարան ընտրելիս առավել հաճախ նախապատվությունը տրվում է առանց հարդարման կացարանին: Իհարկե, նման անշարժ գույքի գինը շատ ավելի ցածր է, քան սովորական վերանորոգված բնակարաններինը: Բացի այդ, այս տարբերակը հնարավորություն է տալիս կատարել բոլոր վերանորոգման և հարդարման աշխատանքները սեփական ցանկություններին և ֆինանսական հնարավորություններին համապատասխան:
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