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Registration of the user

The person who wants to become a user must go through the registration process on the Varpet platform. During the registration, the User shall be provided the login specified by him, which is later used by the User when using the Varpet platform. The password is provided by the Staff by sending it to the user’s telephone number mentioned on the e-commerce platform.

The user is required to fill out all the reliable and up-to-date information required for the creation of his/her personal information, including e-mail address, telephone number, name and surname. Varpet platform registration form may require additional information from the user. When filling out a personal page, the user verifies that the information in the personal page is made public, that is, accessible to all Users.

The User is responsible for the reliable, complete, fresh information provided during the registration process according the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, to refrain from the claims of third parties. Users are responsible for maintaining and confidentiality of data (Login and Password) required for registration and access to the E-commerce platform. All operations related to the Company’s Services performed using the User’s login and Password considered to made by the user. The user is responsible to third parties for all actions performed using the User’s Login and Password. The company is not responsible that the third parties have violated User rights by unauthorized access to the User’s Login-Password pair. The Company is not responsible for unauthorized use of the User’s Login and Password by third parties.


The process of registration and checking of the master

A person who wants to register as a master before the registration process begins passes the verification process which implies verification of user data as well as testing. A person is invited to an interview with the Staff for testing.

The Master’s status is provided by the Staff according to his by testing results and information required from the User. The stuff has the right not to provide Master status without any explanation, regardless of the cost and effort that the person has suffered during the inspection. In case of granting a Master status, the Staff provide Login-Password pair to the User.

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