Smart home: equipment, or welcome to the future

Date 06 August 2020
Smart home: equipment, or welcome to the future

The Smart Home system contributes to great savings not only in time and effort, but also in the family budget

Installation of the Smart Home system: how is the preparation

Today, the design of the Smart Home system is considered a fashion trend. However, the “fly in the ointment” among the many advantages of designing is its rather substantial cost, which not everyone can afford. That is why many people prefer to create a Smart Home with their own hands, the scheme and description of which is presented on specialized resources. Relevant programs developed specifically for this system are characterized by simplicity in terms of use and configuration.

Installation of the Smart Home system

Each individual home system usually requires its own remote or monitor

The modern market provides a huge selection of equipment for the Smart Home, acquiring which, you can significantly save the budget. At the same time, it is completely optional to have certain special skills. It is enough to spend a little time to understand the principles of the functioning of technology for the Smart Home.

In itself, this system is quite complex and requires a long organization. The process of installing programs, which together comprise a set of Smart Homes, consists of a large number of stages, in which both the owner of the house and the designer participate in collaboration with contractors who carry out repair work.

Speaking about the procedure for organizing the system, it is worth noting that they are represented by the following steps:

  • preparatory;
  • installation process;
  • tuning the system through various programs.

Smart Home

The system has many advantages and disadvantages, with which everyone who wants to install a Smart Home should be familiar with in advance

The first step towards the arrangement of the system is the appeal of the owner of the building to specialized companies that are creating the Smart Home system. Equipment for a country house will differ from devices intended for use in apartments. Before placing an order for an object, it should be determined what the Smart Dream Home includes – in other words, which functions should be implemented in the system.

Note! An important issue is the discussion of the deadlines for workers to meet. Thanks to this, it will be possible to prevent future problematic situations.

Then a special document is formed – the terms of reference. It is very important to monitor the work of the employees of the company that is setting up the system. After all, this is exactly the stage when the customer has a chance to make adjustments to the layout. After that, the process of preparing all the necessary documentation for the object and developing the project itself, which consists of:

  • from the explanatory sheet, which contains a description of all systems and subsystems;
  • electrical wiring plan;
  • location schemes of the control device;
  • a detailed description of the location of the technical component in the boxes of automation.

Equipment for a country house

Thanks to Smart Home, home security is ensured

And only now you can calculate the total cost of setting up the system. It will directly depend on the set of functions that should be included in the program, as well as on the area of the room. Further, everything is carried out without the participation of the owner of the building. The installation company will be required to order Smart Home devices from its own supplier and begin the installation process.

Smart home: installation of a modern system that provides savings and comfort

The process of installing Smart Home devices is an incredibly painstaking and complex procedure, involving several critical steps. The quality level of the final result depends on the services of which particular company will be preferred. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn to professionals with an excellent reputation so that you do not encounter the problem of system failure in the future.

It will take at least several months for the installation process, which includes the following steps:

  • installation of all necessary gadgets for the home;
  • arrangement of equipment;
  • installation of final equipment;
  • test system startup;
  • Smart home system setup.

Installation of a modern system

For the intelligent system to work correctly, its service must be entrusted to professional services

Perhaps the most crucial step is the very first, which involves laying cables that are responsible for the operation of certain programs. It is at this stage that the automation boxes are installed, as well as the boxes on which the correct operation of the servers depends.

Note! All cabinets and boxes are mounted inside the walls, and then disguised. This is to ensure that they do not stand out against the background of the design of the building.

After that, the arrangement of all equipment is carried out. First of all, the process is carried out in specially designed rooms. There is the installation of equipment, which will subsequently be responsible for the supply of electricity.

The next step is to mount the final equipment. Often it is carried out after all the necessary repair work has been carried out. It is then that all external devices are installed, including controllers for the Smart Home, switches and a surveillance screen. If necessary, in the process of performing such work, acoustic speakers and touch panels are installed.

The Smart Home system

The Smart Home system can provide comfort in the house and beyond, for example, the Smart Garden function allows you to set up automatic watering of the lawn, soil heating, heating in the greenhouse

The purpose of the test run is to detect possible problems, as well as their further elimination. The final step is to directly configure the treasured system, after which the object is finally put into operation. To do this, you need to check the functioning of each sensor and device within the building, as well as all existing subsystems. At the same time, the homeowner can independently regulate certain functions of the Smart Home.

Smart home: installation through various methods

Perhaps the most universal method for setting up a Smart Home system is the use of a personal computer. Thus, any user will be able to organize the connection and management of all functions that interest him. Using the presented device, you can control various systems and subsystems that make up the Smart Home kit. To do this, you need to connect all external sensors to conventional channels such as USB or TCP / IP.

The presented method of managing a “smart home” is endowed with some indisputable advantages:

  • the ability to control at any time if there is at least one computer in the house;
  • the acceptable cost of the modules that are responsible for data output and input;
  • lack of restrictions regarding the number of options used;
  • ability to plan work independently.

The functionality of the house

The functionality of the house is also available on the tablet, so you can control the Smart House far from your home

Note! The disadvantages of this method include the need to buy a good computer, as well as the inability to control the system in case of breakdown.

Personal computers open up enormous scope for monitoring the functioning of security systems. Thanks to them, you can view all recordings from video cameras at any time. In this case, all motion and surveillance sensors are connected via a USB cable.

Using your computer, you can also customize Google’s voice command input. Many users have appreciated this option of Smart Home. To manage the functionality of the program, you can create it yourself, knowing the basic aspects of programming. If such skills are not available, you should take a closer look at ready-made software products that can be easily downloaded to a computer. For example, Ardublock will become a wonderful assistant during the automation of technology, helping the owners of the Smart House to control electrical appliances, alarms, air temperature and other parameters.

Obviously, to run and control the Smart Home system, you need a special program. The functioning of all smart gadgets will depend on the choice. The most common configuration software options are:

  • Raspberry Pi;
  • Android.

The functioning of smart gadgets

To install the Smart Home system, you need to provide a Wi-Fi access point and download software for the operating system

Raspberry Pi has developed a special multi-computer capable of controlling certain “smart” systems, thereby making the automation process extremely simple.

Thanks to the presented system, it is possible to easily equip a video control zone. This will require a conventional webcam, as well as a computer. Having made simple settings, it will be possible to observe all the events occurring in a particular territory. If necessary, a record is kept so that in the future, at any convenient moment, to review what was happening. Perhaps, when it comes to the equipment systems of the Smart Home for an apartment, this function is not so relevant, but for private houses it will become simply irreplaceable.

Note! Having decided to buy such a mini-computer, you can significantly save money, while getting a fully functioning Smart Home system.

The  images from cameras

In addition to transmitting images from cameras, the system can also inform owners about an invasion of the house

Those who are familiar with the principles of writing applications are recommended to create their own Android-based program. After a couple of simple manipulations, it will be possible to remotely control certain systems in your own home. The advantages of this method of setting up smart homes include:

  • ease of system configuration;
  • the ability to control the situation from anywhere in the world;
  • no need to purchase a separate computer for the unit;
  • the ability to do without unnecessary points – all necessary options are configured using a smartphone;
  • intuitive interface.

To perform the configuration, you will need to acquire the so-called “control wizard”. This is a special device with which you can connect your phone or tablet to special sensors and modules.

Having acquired the “control wizard”, you will need to add a number of options to it:

  • timer;
  • a device for transmitting and receiving a radio signal;
  • a module through which you can contact any of the Android devices.

Thus, in order to become the owner of a Smart Home, it is not necessary to spend hours on the Internet searching for information on demand. The Smart Home is a turnkey price system. Wanting to save a little budget and at the same time at least a little understanding of the principle of operation of smart home schemes, you can easily configure the system on your own.

Smart Home settings

Only experienced craftsmen can perform Smart Home settings

Smart home System maintenance: several reasons for the service

When the installation process and the work associated with the launch of the system are left behind, you can evaluate all the amenities of automated housing management. However, in order to ensure proper operation of the system, routine inspections should be carried out, as well as the repair of existing components. To do this, you can choose a service such as a turnkey smart home system.

The maintenance procedure consists not only in checking various “smart” things for the home, but also in diagnosing absolutely all pieces of equipment. The fact is that engineering systems simply cannot function properly on an ongoing basis. Sooner or later, there is a need to replace certain parts – and this must be done in a timely manner.

The concept of servicing a Smart Home system involves the following activities:

  • device diagnostics;
  • replacement and repair of equipment;
  • modernization, improvement and expansion of the system.

Installed motion sensors

Installed motion sensors turn on the light only in places where a person is

A person specializing in the maintenance of automated systems, from time to time, checks equipment, cleans air conditioners and monitors their functioning in various modes. By changing filters for water purification, checking the operability of sensors and replacing lamps, the specialist ensures the maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in the premises.

Any intelligent system involves the presence of a large number of sensors, mechanisms, timers. In addition, there are control panels and smart home controllers. Regardless of the protocol used, there must be a constant, flawless connection between them. The specialist will check and make sure that each element of the system is in place.

Not only the mental comfort of the owners, but also their safety depends on the maintenance of smart homes. The fact is that smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and a number of other stand-alone accessories operate thanks to the batteries. From time to time, they should be checked for their charge and replaced.

Note! By giving preference to servicing the Smart Home, you can be absolutely sure of the correct functioning of the design.

Home network system

By connecting to a server equipped with a WI-FI sensor, you can receive an image on your gadget remotely

Among the advantages of servicing the Smart Home system, first of all, is ensuring the peace of mind of the owners. They can be absolutely confident in the correct operation of the system, and therefore in their own safety.

In addition, the devices of the Smart Home are constantly being updated: there are improved, more functional gadgets that are spared from various shortcomings. A competent specialist will either replace the old elements or upgrade to the latest version.

If you want to make changes or expand the capabilities of the system, you can simply tell the master about your wishes. He will certainly find the most optimal method for implementing his plan.

Today, many specialized companies are ready to offer smart home gadgets and accessories for them. In addition, there are many companies that offer the Turnkey Smart Home service. They carry out a full-fledged creation cycle – from software and device manufacturing to installation, as well as further servicing of the Smart Home system.

 Intelligent system

Having established an intelligent system at home, each owner must understand that it will pay off on average in 5-8 years

Smart home: equipment for house safety

Today, most specialized companies present to the attention of consumers very broad opportunities for creating an extremely safe and comfortable environment in the house. Thanks to the presence of life support systems, you can not worry about the functioning of communal systems and climate indicators. Due to video surveillance and security systems, it is possible to fully control the situation both within the home and in its environs.

Some flagships, which have won the recognition of millions of users around the world through the production of high-quality devices, offer design schemes that act as the guarantor of the highest reliability and durability. Before you start creating a Smart Home, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the top of gadgets.

Organization of the system involves the installation of the following devices:

  • smart home controllers;
  • sensors;
  • flood protection systems;
  • devices for controlling electrical appliances;
  • accessories for regulating lighting;
  • products for climate control;
  • blind adjustment systems;
  • devices to control the system.

equipment for house safety

The whole set consists of a large number of devices and equipment, which is constantly noisy and can cause inconvenience to residents

Thanks to the Smart Home system, video surveillance in which involves controlling the adjacent area and the internal premises, you can ensure the highest security. Moreover, using the Internet, you can remotely monitor the situation in the house. For example, in the event of a trip to another country on vacation, the Smart Home camera will provide the owners with the opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening. The fire and security alarm system quickly detects the first signs of fire in order to promptly notify the owners and minimize fire losses.

Note! In the event of an emergency, the Smart House immediately sends an alarm signal via e-mail and SMS, and also activates the appropriate devices: light and sound alarms, fire extinguishing systems and relays.

Sensors for the Smart Home will also cope with the task of protecting against gas leakage and water flooding. Having determined the problem using sensitive sensors, through special valves, the system will shut off the gas or water, at the same time sending alarm messages to the smartphone of the owner of the house, as well as to the appropriate emergency authorities.

Smart room gadget

A certain comfort for living is created by tuning the entertainment system in the house

Smart room gadgets include climate control systems. It is no secret that the process of constant monitoring of ventilation, air conditioners, heating systems, boilers, underfloor heating and roofing in large houses requires considerable expenditures both of time and energy. Special thermostats will take on the responsibility of controlling the microclimate even in each room individually, taking into account the personal wishes of the owner.

The system is able to maintain the desired specific temperature at a constant level without human intervention. Even the incredibly responsible climate control in a greenhouse or conservatory is better to entrust to a Smart home than a housekeeper, who can simply forget about the parameters for controlling humidity and temperature.

The list of smart gadgets also includes wireless switches that take over the lighting control function. This system involves the union of all light sources both in the house and on its territory. It provides the ability to control lighting while saving precious electricity. To organize soft light or increase the life of existing lamps, you can use hidden dimmers.

Turn on / off electrical appliances

Turn on / off electrical appliances and lights can be done thanks to the wireless method

In order to directly control lighting devices, both standard and smart switches, sensors, remotes and touch panels are suitable. Thanks to the scripting option, Smart Homes by means of lighting effects can simulate the presence of the owners in the room, while in reality they are outside. In addition, the system can independently switch all gadgets to economy mode and turn off the lights for forgetful owners when they leave the room.

Since the Smart Home is able to memorize the daily routine and habits of the owners, by their arrival it will certainly complete the blinds, open the curtains, turn on the lights, organize the ventilation or heating of the rooms, and also heat the water to the desired temperature, turn on your favorite songs or warm up a pre-cooked dinner. It turns out a kind of programmable butler.

Speaking of what kind of gadgets are there for organizing a Smart Home, special attention should be paid to the media center. He knows how to maintain a multi-room system, which is responsible for the distribution of video and sound, and also covers many separate rooms. In addition, the presented solution will provide scoring for the adjacent territory. For example, turning on the player in the room, you can broadcast your favorite music throughout the house or enjoy it while in the yard.

Closing curtains

Closing curtains or blinds is possible thanks to smart system software

Having made the decision to equip the house with “smart” household goods, the owner gets the opportunity to flexibly manage and use the so-called “scenarios”. Thanks to the centralized control system, all sorts of elements of the gadget system for the home can easily be made to function in concert.

It is interesting! A script is a set of pre-programmed actions. For example, when you click on one button, a series of actions takes place in a given sequence.

So, by pressing a button on the key fob, you can simultaneously activate the opening of the gate, give lighting to the yard, and also begin watering the lawn.

As for manufacturers of smart gadgets, it is better to give preference to time-tested companies that have won the recognition of millions of consumers in the global market.

The smart devices

A house equipped with a system is under video surveillance of its owners, which can be hundreds of kilometers away

Note! The smart devices introduced by Xiaomi include various sensors that provide the ability to control indoor movement, illegal entry, lighting, and climatic conditions, depending on the formulated scenario.

Summing up, it should be noted that “smart” appliances for the home are a guarantee of safety and comfort, saving time and effort, saving energy and family budget. This is a reasonable investment in the successful future of your own home and family. The Smart Home system is able to create a truly homely and comfortable atmosphere, adapting to the needs of people. Such a solution will save a person from many household chores and provide an opportunity to devote more time to other activities: education, sports, as well as entertainment, recreation and hanging out with children.

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