Floor tiles for the kitchen: photos and prices of popular models

Date 07 August 2020
Floor tiles for the kitchen: photos and prices of popular models

The kitchen is the center of the home. Not only the smell of coffee and fresh pastries create a feeling of comfort here. A stylish interior and, most importantly, practical finishing materials will not be superfluous in this part of the home. The specifics of the operating conditions of the kitchen premises determines the direction of the choice of lining not only for furniture surfaces, but also for the floor. Strength, wear resistance, ease of maintenance, the possibility of long-term operation – these are the main criteria that should be taken into account. Today, there are many coatings that will look good in the kitchen. Linoleum, wooden floors, cork coverings have a beautiful appearance, but they are not very practical for use in the kitchen and demanding care. An excellent modern solution to the coating will be floor tiles for the kitchen. Photos and prices of the main types, as well as a review of manufacturers will help make the right choice.

Glossy mosaic of bright turquoise color in the kitchen

Types of floor tiles for the kitchen

The most common types of floor tiles are:

  • ceramic tiles – convenient and practical to use. This is the most popular kitchen flooring. Due to the wide price range, you can choose the right
    option depending on financial capabilities;
  • porcelain stoneware is a more expensive finishing material. This coating is indifferent to temperature changes, has moisture repellent properties, high wear resistance and strength;

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles – practical solution for decorating the kitchen

  • quartz-vinyl floor tiles – an innovation in the world of finishing materials at an affordable price. The main characteristics of this coating are strength and resistance to damage, as well as a fireproof and moisture repellent effect. The vinyl which is a part of it provides such flooring softness, flexibility and warmth. Ceramics cannot boast of such properties.

“Christmas tree”

“Christmas tree” a popular way of laying floor tiles

These coatings are durable and do not require special care; they can be easily cleaned of dirt and grease using household chemicals. The range is presented in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. Options for simulating the surface of such natural materials as wood, stone, leather, fabric, metal are available. Various ways of laying floor tiles for the kitchen allow you to divide the kitchen into separate zones. That makes it possible to arrange the floor in the kitchen in versatile design solutions.

 square tiles

The most popular are square tiles

Classic ceramics

The most suitable for covering the floor in the kitchen from these materials are:

  • monocottura. Enameled tile, which is used in wall and floor cladding;
  • monoporosis – glazed single firing tiles. Its use is allowed for interior decoration, but it is less dense than monocottura;

ceramic tiles with imitation

Laying ceramic tiles with imitation of a wooden surface

  • cotto – non-enameled single fired tile. It is made of red clay and looks very beautiful on the floor. Tiles for the kitchen from this material should be selected with non-intensive operation of the room;
  • clinker – has a high resistance to mechanical damage and household chemicals, therefore it is widely used in flooring;

The combination of laminate and tile

The combination of laminate and tile for finishing the floor in the kitchen

  • kottoforte – pressed double-fired tiles coated with glaze. Its strength allows it to be used as a floor covering;
  • unglazed tiles consist of a homogeneous material over the entire thickness, without a decorative layer, therefore it is characterized by high wear resistance, but low coefficient of moisture absorption;
  • glazed tiles have a decorative glass layer, which is subsequently decorated with a pattern or color scheme.

10×10 cm square tiles

The kitchen floor is faced with 10×10 cm square tiles

Ceramic tiles are laid mainly on a cement-sand base. You can leave the old coating only if it has no defects, distortions or voids. It depends on the quality basis how long the tiled flooring will last. Therefore, in order not to pay twice, it is better to make a new screed. For a heated coating, choose a base with high thermal conductivity.

 ceramic tiles with a matte surface

For the kitchen, it is better to choose ceramic tiles with a matte surface.

Advice! If you already have a plank surface that is a pity to remove, cover it with waterproof plywood, treat it with an additional primer and you can lay the tile. It is not recommended for use in laying ceramic tiles that the foundation is made of solid wood, as it tends to bend during operation.

ile with a bright pattern

Tile with a bright pattern on the floor of the kitchen-dining room

Ceramic tiles are strong enough and are not afraid of humidity or temperature changes. Such a coating is not afraid of water and dirt, drops of fat and household chemicals. Proper care will ensure a decent appearance for many years.

Ceramic granite

Porcelain tile is a relatively new expensive finishing material, which is made from a mixture of high-quality clay, quartz, feldspar with the addition of natural dyes. Under the influence of high temperature, this mixture turns into a monolithic material, which is characterized by strength and low moisture absorption.

Porcelain coating is not inferior in structure and properties to natural stone, so it is used for interior decoration both inside and outside. The use of natural materials in its manufacture guarantees the environmental friendliness of this product. The decorative properties of this material are multifaceted.

The use of porcelain stoneware as floor tiles for the kitchen (the photo in the interior confirms this) will give the room a rich look. Depending on the style, you can choose a tile with an imitation of the pattern of natural stone, matte, polished or embossed surface, the effect of chips and age-old scuffs.

Marble imitation porcelain tile

Marble imitation porcelain tile

Quartz vinyl

This is the development of Japanese scientists, which has found its application in construction technology. The structure of this finishing material is multilayer. Its basic elements are composed of quartz sand and fiberglass. The top layer with a UV filter has a decorative function, which is applied to a photo-printed pattern. The protective layer of polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride gives the material strength and durability. Moisture resistance, fire resistance and sound absorption can also be attributed to the advantages of quartz vinyl flooring.

Quartz-vinyl tile

Quartz-vinyl tile – a modern finishing material

Products from this material are made square or rectangular. Using photo printing, manufacturers have achieved tremendous results in a variety of designs. Kitchen tiles on the floor (photos of quartz-vinyl samples are presented in the catalogs of the manufacturer) can be selected in imitation options of any natural material. Or choose a bright color or extravagant pattern.

The surface of the flooring is also available in several versions: smooth or cramped. All this allows you to walk around your imagination and bring to life the most extraordinary design decisions. And the cost of such finishing material will not hit your pocket, since the price range is very affordable.

Black and white quartz vinyl tiles

Black and white quartz vinyl tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern

It is said that quartz-vinyl floor tiles are unhealthy. This public opinion has developed in connection with a distrust of chemical names that are unusual for hearing, such as “polyvinyl chloride” and “oil product”. In fact, PVC products are widely used in all civilized countries. This material can be dangerous only when burning, as this leads to the release of toxic substances. However, like any other item from the usual plastic. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the use of this flooring.

Interesting! Vaseline and paraffin are also refined products. They are widely used for cosmetic and medical purposes and do not raise doubts about their safety.

Quartz vinyl

Quartz vinyl coating is absolutely safe for health

The main technical parameters of the tile

Floor tiles for the kitchen are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. With regard to technical characteristics, it is necessary to take into account some parameters established by regulatory documents. They will help you choose the best option suitable for your kitchen:

  • bending resistance. Defines the load limit on three points of one tile without destroying it. This value is expressed in N / mm². According to the ISO 1054-4 standard, there are such minimum values ​​depending on the tile category (for BIb – 27, for BIIa – 20, for BIIb – 16);

Floor tiles

Floor tiles have a durable surface that is resistant to mechanical stress.

  • surface hardness. This indicator will help determine how resistant the surface of the tile is to mechanical damage. According to EN101, this value is from 1 to 10. The higher this value, the less tiles are susceptible to damage and scratches. It is worth noting that for non-enameled tiles this norm is not required, since the structure of the tile is uniform throughout the thickness;
  • abrasion resistance (for unglazed tiles ISO 10545-6) and abrasion resistance (for enameled tiles – IS010545-7). The norm determines how much the tile is subject to wear during operation. For kitchen ceramic tiles in accordance with EN 154, you should select the category PEI III (operation with an average presence of abrasive particles);

enameled tiles – IS010545-7

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean

  • chemical resistance (ISO 10545-13). Determines the ability of tiles to withstand the effects of chemicals at room temperature. The letter classification in descending order is as follows: AA – the product is resistant to chemical influences; A – may have minor changes; B – has average changes in appearance during chemical exposure; C – partially lost its original appearance; D – complete loss of its original form;
  • slip resistance. This norm is not mandatory, but in the kitchen there is always a risk of slipping on the spilled liquid on the floor. Photos of tiles in the kitchen more often show a rough surface;

Kitchen floor decorated with bright red tiles.

Kitchen floor decorated with bright red tiles.

  • the size. Most often, for the floor, choose a tile in the size of 20×20, 30×30 and 40×40 cm. Combined options are also used. Small tiles of 10×10 or 15×15 cm are less commonly used for flooring. She looks very organic in such stylistic decisions as Provence or country. Please note that floor tiles have a thicker and stronger structure than wall tiles. Its thickness should be from 6.5 to 11 mm;
  • color and texture are determined individually depending on the use of floor tiles for the kitchen. Photos and prices, options for combining textures and shades can be viewed in the manufacturers catalogs.

Diagonal laying of tiles

Diagonal laying of tiles on the floor of a modern kitchen

Advice! When buying tiles in the store, it will not be superfluous to compare the color and tone of all the packages or make sure by labeling that all the tiles are from one batch. Since different batches of the same collection may differ in these indicators.

Manufacturers usually indicate technical parameters in catalogs or by marking on the packaging. Knowing what type of tile you intend to put in the kitchen, do not be too lazy to check it for compliance with the specified standards and your floor in the kitchen will retain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

ceramic tiles of different sizes

The use of ceramic tiles of different sizes when decorating the floor

A designer approach to kitchen flooring

Floor decoration is one of the main elements of the decor. When choosing floor tiles, it should be borne in mind that it will be an integral part of the overall ensemble. The color scheme and style of flooring should be chosen based on the interior of the kitchen, its lighting and size. In dimly lit or small kitchens, light tiled floors look better. Dark color diluted with light inserts is suitable for large rooms.

Elegant graphite tiles

Elegant graphite tiles in the kitchen

Organically fit into the classic style of marble tiles. In a kitchen with a modern design, a monophonic coating or a floor with a neutral pattern will look better. Artificially aged ceramic tiles are perfect for Provence style.

A variety of options for simulating natural materials like wood, stone, glass, metal and even reptile skin in floor coverings will also find their application in the design of the kitchen interior. And various shapes, sizes, colors and textures will give designers unlimited possibilities for using tiles as additional decoration.

Wood and ceramic in the dining room

Wood and ceramic in the dining room floor

Floor tiles for the kitchen: photos and prices, manufacturers overview

The geography of tile manufacturing companies is vast. The most demanded products are manufacturers from Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, China, Turkey and Germany. Also, tiled flooring is made in the former CIS countries – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

The goods of these manufacturers are not only quality, but also pricing. Therefore, the choice mainly depends on the status and financial capabilities of the consumer.

tiles for the kitchen

Finishing materials market offers a wide selection of floor tiles

Let’s consider the approximate prices of floor tiles for the kitchen (the prices for the above tiles can be found in the Nor Tun chain of stores, and installation prices in the Varpet application, which you can download here).

More budget options are considered to be Russian manufacturers (Kerama Marazzi, Coliseumgres, Cersanit, Lesselsbergers, Belleza, Uralkeramika, Global Tile, Atlas Concord, Atla Cera). The initial price of products from these manufacturers per square meter ranges from 130 to 850 rubles. Keramin Belarusian tiles (from 500 rubles per sq. M), Ukrainian products of the Kharkov tile factory, InterKeram and Atem (from 4500 drams per m²) are also in demand.

Vintage country style

Vintage country style in the design of the kitchen

Also available will be products in the middle price segment from Polish companies Opoczno and Paradiz (from 5100 AMD per m²), Cerrol (from 7300 AMD per m²) Polcolorit and Tubarzin (from 12400 AMD per m²). It should also be noted Chinese tile factories Bertini Mosaic, Color Viva, Bars Cristal Mosaik, Fiorano, Dong Peng, Primacolor and many others from 3600 AMD per m².

Despite the relatively low price, the products of these manufacturers meet the requirements of international quality standards. It is not inferior in appearance to design solutions of more expensive options from Spain, Italy, Germany. Cheap floor tiles – does not mean low-quality.

Ceramic tiles go well with other types of flooring

Ceramic tiles go well with other types of flooring.

With great financial opportunities, it is possible to decorate the floor in the kitchen with tiles and more expensive. Then you should pay attention to such manufacturers as Absolut Keramika, Aparici, Azteca (Spain); Alta Ceramika, Ctrasarda, Magorica FAP Ceramice (Italy); Love Ceramic Tiles (Portugal). Their prices start from 8700 AMD / m² of the simplest tile. Only your wallet will determine the upper limit.

I would like to say separately about the manufacturers and prices of porcelain and quartz-vinyl coatings. To avoid fakes, it is worth buying tiles from these materials from trusted manufacturers. In the post-Soviet space, porcelain tiles are produced by such Russian companies as Estima, Atlas Concorde, Ural granite, Italon. Their products are of high quality and affordable. For example, in Russia, 45×45 floor porcelain tile (photos of samples are presented in the catalogs of manufacturers) will cost you 4400 AMD per square meter.

Rectangular tiles

Rectangular tiles are most often laid with “steps”

Among foreign manufacturers, ceramic granite from the Italian brands Delconca, Sintesi, Pastorelli (price from 17000 AMD per m²), and Chinese Sal Sapiente, Fiorano (approximately focus on the price from 13000  AMD / m²) can be noted.

Deliveries of quartz-vinyl flooring are made from Belgian, Chinese, German, Swiss manufacturers. A square meter of such flooring from the Belgian manufacturers Fine Floor, Contesse NV, Vinilam, Vinipol will cost from 12500 AMD / m². Floor tiles from Chinese brands Alpine Floor, Art Tile, Decoria, Nox Eco Click are slightly cheaper (from 9500 AMD per m² and higher). The choice of Swiss vinyl from Pergo and Progress (from 18000 AMD per m²) will be expensive.

colorful square tiles

The kitchen floor is faced with colorful square tiles

As you can see, today the choice of floor tiles for the kitchen is quite large. Dozens of manufacturers, thousands of structural proposals, millions of shades, drawings, textures and styles. In this variety, everyone can choose an affordable tile on the kitchen floor, which will serve for many years and give a good mood during a quick morning snack or a traditional dinner with your family.

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