Renovation of an apartment in a new building

Date 06 August 2020
Renovation of an apartment in a new building

When choosing an apartment in a new building, preference is often given to housing without decoration. This is due to the fact that the price of such real estate is much lower than apartments with simple repair. In addition, this is a great opportunity to perform all repair and finishing work, taking into account your own wishes, preferences and financial capabilities. Repairing an apartment in a new building from scratch has many nuances, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Apartment renovation

Apartment renovation in a new building assumes high-quality and accurate planning of all stages of finishing work and communications

What is an apartment in a new building

The cost of repair in a new building depends on the condition of the apartment in which it is rented out to future owners. This may be: 

  • large room with rough repair, designed for free planning;

  • pre-finished apartments;
  • apartment with a fine finish.

Pre-finished apartment

Pre-finished apartment in a new building

TThe first option is a dimensional room with bare load-bearing walls without decoration, made of brick, concrete or building blocks. The floor is presented as a concrete slab without screed, the ceiling as the bottom surface of the slab without finishing. Such apartments often provide for a cheap and unreliable front door, double glazed windows. Electricity is introduced into the apartment and a small shield with one machine is installed. The heating was installed with the installation of batteries and shut-off and control valves. This is the only communication that is ready for operation.

The apartment has cold and hot water risers with outlets, on which sealed meters and taps are installed. Also introduced a sewer riser with a tap closed with a plug. The repair price in the new building of such an apartment will be the most significant, since everything will have to be done from scratch, but, on the other hand, this is a good opportunity to do all the work in a quality manner.

The apartment with a finish a room

The apartment with a fine finish is a room ready for renovation with communications.

In those houses where gas stoves will be installed, gas is introduced and a meter is installed. The new owners will have to not only deal with the repair and decoration of the apartment in the new building, but also complete the initial layout of the premises and the layout of all necessary communications.

The options where the final finishing of apartments in new buildings was completed are fully prepared for decorative finishing, namely, the floor was screed and the walls were plastered. There is a certain layout, plumbing and heating devices are installed. The repair price in the new building of such an apartment will be 60,000 AMD / m².

Apartments in a new building with repair from the builder are fully prepared for housewarming. It has an inexpensive finish on the ceiling, walls and floor. Installed budget plumbing and heating appliances. It remains only to complete the lighting and furnishing of the apartment. Buying an apartment in a new building with a repair is not always a very successful undertaking, since the developer often uses low-quality materials when performing repair and finishing works, which affects the unjustified increase in the cost of a new apartment.

decorating a room

If you want to realize bold design ideas when decorating a room, it is better to choose an apartment with a free layout

Repair of an apartment in a new building from scratch: where to start and when

Before starting repairing an apartment from scratch, one very important feature of a new house should be considered. It lies in the fact that the house in the first years of operation will certainly shrink, which may affect the state of the elements of its structure. Visible cracks may form on the walls and ceiling of the apartment, which will be a clear indication that the building materials for repair and finishing work were chosen incorrectly.

To exclude this possibility, you should not carry out major repairs in a new building from scratch. The necessary minimum is carried out in stages, and after one and a half to two years, housing is brought to perfect condition. This decision will allow you to carefully plan all stages of the repair, taking into account the possible nuances identified during the initial operation of the housing, prepare the necessary building materials and determine the contractors.

Tip: It is better to purchase building materials in the winter, when market activity drops, and it is better to start work in the spring, due to the minimal workload of construction teams and the low cost of services.

planning the layout of rooms

The most important step in repairing an apartment from scratch is planning the layout of rooms and communications

First of all, in the new apartment, the most noisy and dirty work should be done. The main stages of repair in a new building from scratch at the initial stage of operation are the following:

  • dismantling and installation work with enclosing elements of the room;
  • electrical work;
  • installation of plumbing communications and equipment;
  • performing floor screed;
  • leveling the surface of the walls;
  • installation of suspended or false ceilings;
  • device floor heating system

Where to start repairs in a new building?

When the question is where to start repairing an apartment in a new building, the answer is obvious – with the competent organization of space, namely with the layout of the premises. Typically, apartments in a new house are sold with a free layout, where only load-bearing walls are erected. On the one hand, this is a good opportunity to realize a unique design plan, on the other hand, such freedom has a number of restrictions, the violation of which entails the imposition of penalties or even the loss of an apartment.

The location and conducting basic communications

Depending on the project of the acquired premises, the repair of an apartment in a new building begins with planning the location and conducting basic communications

On personal preferences, an apartment plan is developed, which provides for the construction of new or the elimination of old partitions. It can be ordered from an interior designer. This plan must be approved in accordance with applicable law. Next, you can begin to prepare a plan for laying engineering communications, which is carried out on the basis of the location of plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances and large furniture.

When redeveloping an apartment, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the following works:

  • combining a kitchen area with a gas stove with a living room;
  • installation of the entrance to the bathroom from the living room or kitchen;
  • moving the kitchen in the apartment to the location of the bathroom or living room;
  • the location of the bathroom above the living quarters or the kitchen of the neighbors;
  • arrangement of a kitchen or living rooms without natural light;
  • installation of electrical wiring or laying pipelines in the seams of wall panels and in floor slabs;
  • laying or reducing the cross section of the ventilation duct;
  • increase in load on load-bearing structures exceeding the permissible values in the design;
  • transferring central heating batteries and hot water pipelines that are connected to the common house system, to verandas, balconies or loggias;
  • connection of the underfloor heating system to the common house DHW or heating system.

Color schemes for interior design

It is better to work out color schemes for interior design before the start of the finishing treatment in order to avoid differences, for example, in the color of windows and walls

Works requiring permission: 

  • works related to changing the architectural appearance of the facade;
  • works that affect the supporting structures of the room;
  • transfer or expansion of bathrooms and sanitary;
  • all work related to gas.

What can be done without permission during the repair of a new apartment

When performing repairs in a new building with their own hands without permission, you can perform the following activities, which you only need to notify the appropriate authority:

  • rearrangement in the existing dimensions of kitchens, bathrooms and sanitary facilities
  • technical devices;
  • termination or device in non-bearing partitions of doorways;
  • glazing of balconies and loggias;
  • the installation of additional curtain walls without a significant increase
  • loads on floor slabs;
  • dismantling of curtain walls.

The redevelopment of the premises

The redevelopment of the premises requires careful calculations to avoid life-threatening situations, therefore it is better to entrust this stage to professionals

Work that can be carried out without notice to the appropriate authorities:

  • redecorating premises;
  • installation of new engineering equipment, the parameters and technical device of which are similar to the previous one;
  • rearrangement of electric stoves within the kitchen premises;
  • installation and dismantling of built-in mezzanines and cabinets;
  • installation of external technical devices on the facades of the building: air conditioners, protective nets, antennas;
  • installation of doors and display cases of a self-sliding or carousel type without changing the size of the room;
  • changing the appearance and materials of loggias, balconies and outdoor structures;
  • rearrangement of gas and heating appliances.

How to start repairs in a new building without finishing: floor plan

After acquiring housing in a new house, the question immediately arises of how to start repairing independently in a new building in order to get a comfortable, functional and stylish apartment. Immediately you need to determine the style of registration of the apartment. To do this, use the services of an experienced designer who will create a photo project based on personal preferences and requirements of the owners.

The design project

With a design project, you can maximize the effective use of the useful area of an apartment, having thought through everything 

You can also independently develop an inexpensive design. Photos of apartment renovation in new buildings on the Internet will help in this matter. This will help to significantly save on the total cost of repair work.

The most popular interior styles of an apartment in a new house are the following areas:

  • Classic; 
  • Provence 
  • Art Deco; 
  • Minimalism; 
  • High tech; 
  • Loft; 
  • Avant-garde. 

The features of each style can be studied on special sites and see the visual embodiment of ideas in the photo.

the decoration of the apartment

Thanks to modern technology, before the start of repairs, you can visualize the result of the decoration and design of the apartment


After choosing the general direction of the design of the premises, you can proceed to compile a table of repair steps in the new building from scratch. Here everything needs to be thought out to the smallest detail, starting from the location of the partitions, and ending with the color of the bathroom tiles. It is imperative to determine where and how furniture, plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. will be placed. This will allow deliberately to carry out future electrical wiring and laying of other utilities in the apartment. Having such a plan in hand, you can start a rough repair in a new building.

The detailed plan also includes an estimate for the repair of an apartment in a new building with a list of necessary tools and materials. Additionally, you should consider the costs of delivery of materials, removal and removal of construction waste. You should also include the cost of specialist services for certain types of work. This will allow you to get the total price of repairing an apartment in a new building with materials.

The sequence of repairs in the apartment in the new building 

Where to start repair in a new building? With a rough finish. This is the most dirty work that is carried out immediately in all rooms. After that, all construction debris is taken out, and the elements of the room are cleaned of dirt and dust. This stage is also called the pre-finishing of the apartment in the new building. What kind of work is described in more detail below:

  • dismantling of windows and front door with possible expansion or reduction of openings;
  • installation of a new door and windows;

Installation of windows

Draft repairs include installation of windows and doors

  • demolition of old and construction of new partitions, according to the project;
  • electrical chasing holes and grooves in the walls for laying communications;
  • electrical wiring according to plan with the installation of a shield, junction boxes, socket boxes into which the ends of the cables are inserted;
  • low-current cabling (telephony, Internet, TV, security systems);
  • sound insulation of the ceiling and walls;
  • laying of pipelines of hot and cold water supply, connection to the sewer riser;
  • alignment of the ceiling and walls;
  • installation of a false ceiling;
  • putty and priming of the ceiling and walls;
  • glazing and decoration of the balcony or loggia;
  • floor preparation: insulation, sound insulation and pouring screeds with a reinforcing layer;
  • decoration of the bathroom and the sanitary.

You can make repairs in a new building yourself, but it is better to entrust it to specialists, or use the services of a certain stage. Among the large number of proposals of construction organizations, you can choose the most suitable option. The price of a rough repair in a new building with material starts at 40,000 dr. per sq. m. and depends on the nature of the work and types of building materials.

After completing the draft work, they begin the final stage of repair in the new building. It consists in the following list of works:

  • wall cladding with finishing materials; 
  • laying flooring; 
  • installation of interior doors; 
  • fixing platbands and baseboards; 
  • installation of sockets and switches; 
  • connection of household appliances; 
  • installation of furniture and decor elements. 

The flooring

It is better to lay the flooring at the final stage of repair so as not to damage the surface of the material 

Advice: The final stage of work is best done after several years of operation of a residential building.

How to start repairs in a new apartment without finishing: dismantling

Repair from scratch in a new building begins with a complex of dismantling works. Before the start of this stage, a new floor plan has already been prepared, where all the necessary enclosing structures are displayed. Existing non-bearing partitions may be dismantled for the purpose of redevelopment, expansion or reduction of the area of the room. Typically, these are partitions between rooms that must be installed without harming the building.

You can dismantle a certain part of the balcony in order to be able to turn it into a loggia with stained glass windows. Often low-quality double-glazed windows are installed in apartments-new buildings, which require mandatory replacement with more expensive and reliable products. Also at this stage is the arrangement or reinforcement of doorways. In a new apartment, it may be necessary to dismantle the elements of the heating system when it becomes necessary to replace the location of the radiators.

dismantling of wall

During major repairs, dismantling includes the removal of all layers of ceiling, wall and floor coverings.

All dismantling work can be carried out independently, armed with the necessary tools and personal protective equipment, or take the help of specialists, having studied in detail before this the question of how much the repair costs in a new building. Today, most construction companies offer a list of services with their prices. So when repairing turnkey apartments, the dismantling price of the wall is 800-7000 dr/m², windows – 1000-6000 dr. For a unit, doors – 1500 dr. for a unit, radiators – 2000 dr. for a unit. The prices for dismantling can be found in more detail in the Varpet application, (which can be downloaded here), as well as in the network of stores “Nor Tun”.

Installation of partitions 

How to start repairs in a new apartment with a free layout? To create the internal space of the room, interior partitions are mounted, according to the developed plan. The best option in this case is to use a dry construction system. These are structures that consist of a metal frame sheathed with plasterboard sheets 12.5 mm thick. Compared to other options, such partitions have a small mass, which does not increase the load on the supporting structure of the building.

With this material, partitions of any configuration can be made in a short period of time. In addition, the material has good soundproofing properties. The cost of the material is 1500-2500 dr. Per sheet. The installation price will be 1300 dr/m².

Installation of partitions

For the construction of partitions in the apartment, the most popular material is drywall, which is mounted to a metal profile structure 

Advice: Between the ceiling and the top of the partition, you must leave a shrink gap of 35-40 mm, which is filled with mounting foam.

Another equally popular option is the installation of interior partitions with gas or foam concrete blocks. The material is characterized by high surface quality, which does not require laborious plastering. For rooms with high humidity, it is better to use foam concrete, which is characterized by low hygroscopicity.

To create good sound insulation, products with a minimum thickness of 75 mm should be used. In addition, thicker blocks withstand cantilever loads without compromising structural integrity. Due to the large format of the blocks, the speed of installation work increases. The cost of products is on average 5500-6000 dr / m², taking into account construction and installation works – 11000 dr / m².

A less popular option is the construction of partitions from solid building bricks, the brand of which should not be lower than M100. For the partition to be stable, its thickness must be at least 170 mm, taking into account the plaster layer. Such a partition not only occupies a significant part of the free space, but also creates an additional load on the ceiling due to the high density of the products.

 An apartment with a free layout

It is possible to correctly divide and zone an apartment with a free layout using plasterboard structures

This design has high strength and increased moisture resistance. But the construction process is very time-consuming, requiring significantly consumption of masonry material and plaster mortar, which affects the total cost of the structure. The price of work together with the material starts from 12000 dr/m².

Electric installation work 

Where to start repairs in a new apartment without electrical wiring? The electrical wiring to the apartment starts from the switchboard, which can be located on the wall or in a niche. When the electrical panel is installed outside the apartment, a cable with copper conductors should be drawn from it to the panel in the apartment. Inside the switchboard, circuit breakers, an electric meter, a residual current device and terminal blocks are installed.

For a new apartment, it is better to mount several electrical wiring lines that will be used to power powerful energy consumers: lighting lines, power lines, powerful kitchen and household appliances.

Marking for electrical communications

Marking for electrical communications is carried out in accordance with the approved plan 

In apartments-new buildings, electrical wiring is laid in a hidden way, for example. cables are mounted under a layer of plaster, in a floor under a coupler, over a stretch or false ceiling. If the partitions are made of drywall, then the wires are laid in the corrugation.

Before performing electrical work, you should develop a detailed plan for the electricity supply of the apartment with a designation of all connection points. Based on the plan, markings are applied to the walls, along which the holes are gated. The size of the strobes depends on the number of cables and wires being laid and on their thickness. When the holes are prepared, wires are laid in them, which are fastened with special clips. Then the grooves are covered with alabaster and plastered.

Advice: All junction boxes should have a small supply of wires for future repairs.

Electrical work can be done independently, or use the services of specialists. The cost of electrical work when repairing an apartment in a new building starts from 3000 dr/m². For apartments with an area of 40 m², the work will cost 100 thousand dr., With an area of 70 m² – 200 thousand dr.

Electrical work

It is necessary to consider how many and which devices will be used before conducting electrical communications

Basic rules and necessary materials for electrical work

Here you must follow some rules: 

  • at least two branches should go into each room: for lighting and outlets;
  • the wiring is carried out strictly horizontally or vertically without inclinations and angles;
  • all connections and branches of wires should be packed in insulating boxes;
  • switches in the rooms should be located near the front door at a height of about 1.5 m;
  • sockets are located at a height of 0.5-0.8 m;
  • the number of sockets for an ordinary apartment with an average electricity consumption is 1 pc. on 6 m²;
  • stranded copper wires with the corresponding cross section in double insulation are used for wiring;
  • sockets and switches must have brass contacts, and internal parts are made of ceramic.

The materials for electrical work

Before wiring, it is worth getting acquainted with modern models of sockets with switches in one case

For the installation of electrical wiring, you should purchase the following components:

  • three-core VVG cable for sockets with a cross-section of 3×2.5 mm², for a lighting line – 3×1.5 mm²; for connecting powerful electrical appliances – 3×4 mm²,
  • main automatic machine with a face value of 25-32 A;
  • RCD on 50 A;
  • circuit breaker with a rating of 10 A for the lighting line, or 16 A for sockets;
  • sockets with a degree of protection of at least 44;
  • illuminated switches;
  • junction boxes and terminals for connecting wires.

Installation of plumbing communications

With the question of where to start repairing an apartment in a new building without communications, it is necessary to understand that the wiring of the plumbing in the apartment is carried out according to a predetermined plan, on the basis of which the necessary materials and plumbing devices are purchased. The piping of hot and cold water supply can be carried out hidden in pre-prepared gates in the walls of the room. If the thickness of the partitions does not allow such an installation, the pipes can be hidden behind plastic or drywall boxes, which are faced with the same material as the walls.

Installation of plumbing communications

After deciding where the bathtub, toilet bowl, faucets and sinks will be located, sanitary communications are carried out 

Today, polypropylene products are very popular for the installation of plumbing communications. It is a durable material of high quality. Installation of pipelines is carried out using fittings for soldering. This assembly method guarantees a long service life of the product, which is able to withstand the temperature of the coolant up to 130 degrees. and pressure up to 12 atm.

When laying pipelines in a niche, the size of the strob should be twice as large as the diameter of the pipes. This is due to the fact that the material of the products is characterized by a high coefficient of thermal expansion, which contributes to the bending and expansion of the pipeline under the action of high heat carrier temperature. The water supply system can be collector or tee. The first option is considered the most preferred. Here it is possible to install taps to shut off all plumbing devices.

After the preliminary repair is completed, the installation of plumbing fixtures is performed. They are located on specially prepared places, near which fittings for connecting devices to communications are located. Water connection is carried out after installing taps and other valves on the devices.

Installation of plumbing fixtures

Installation of plumbing fixtures can be carried out at the very end of the repair, if the apartment does not live

You can do this kind of work yourself, or invite an experienced specialist using the Varpet application. The average cost of repairing an apartment in a new building with materials is 350 thousand. AMD.

What is the best ceiling for a new building?

Cracks can appear from the shrinkage of the house on the ceilings. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable finish option, which is not afraid of such defects. Where to start a ceiling repair in a new building from scratch? The most economical option is to paint or whitewash the surface of the ceiling. This is a reasonable method with a perfectly flat surface. In addition, after the appearance of cracks, you can immediately restore the original appearance of the ceiling. However, if the surface has minor irregularities, they will have to be removed using plaster, which is a costly, time-consuming, painstaking and dirty process.

A more acceptable option is to install a drywall construction of any configuration with a floating frame mount, so that the integrity of the surface is not affected by the shrinkage of the building. This solution allows you to get free space between the coating and the base plate, which can be used to install fixtures or lay communications.

The ceiling surface

False ceilings are the most optimal solution for leveling the ceiling surface with the ability to additionally insulate the room

Attention: The disadvantage of this option is the high cost of the material. And also the construction of a hinged structure will reduce the height of the walls by 10-15 cm.

The most popular option is the installation of a stretch ceiling using PVC cloth. This work is carried out by a specialized organization in a short time. As a result, you can get a perfectly even ceiling of any color and texture. The cost of this design is comparable to the previous option, but the process is less time-consuming, dirty and faster. The main disadvantage of such a ceiling is its low strength. Furniture or a sharp object can permanently damage the integrity of the surface.

Another suitable option for a new building is to finish the ceiling with PVC or MDF panels. This coating is not afraid of shrinkage of the building. Among the wide range of products, you can choose products with imitation of expensive wood.

the ceiling surface

Puttying the walls involves applying a special mixture with subsequent priming and plastering to remove surface irregularities

Wall preparation features 

The walls in the room can be made of cellular concrete, reinforced concrete, brick or gas silicate. In some cases, the developer can use reinforced concrete panels with a high-quality surface, which can only be puttied, for the construction of wall structures. In most cases, walls need to be leveled with plaster.

For indoor use, gypsum-based mixtures can be used. For rooms with high humidity, it is advisable to use cement-sand compositions for which a reinforcing mesh is pre-mounted. To level the surface, the plastering of the walls is carried out on beacons in several layers. The layer of plaster should not be more than 5 cm. The price of the material is in the range of 250-550 rubles. per bag weighing 25 kg.  

Advice: To eliminate significant surface irregularities, it is better to use drywall boards.

Before applying plaster, the base must be primed. For weakly absorbing surfaces in the form of concrete, any primer is suitable. For walls of aerated concrete or ceramic brick, it is advisable to use special compositions. They help to reduce the absorbency of the base and prevent uneven setting of the plaster layer.

 Applying a special mixture

For high-quality wall decoration, you must adhere to the correct sequence of application of materials

After the plaster layer has completely dried, the surface must also be primed twice using an acrylic composition

Leveling and screed 

Start of repair in a new building. Where to start the installation of the floor? The floor in the new apartment is a bare monolithic slab, which must not only be leveled, but also insulated and soundproofed. To do this, you can use expanded clay, which has good heat and sound insulation properties. The minimum layer thickness is 5 cm.

Before performing work, all openings in the floor in the area of ventilation shafts and risers should be sealed with a mounting foam or adhesive mixture. Next, a layer of expanded clay is filled up. You need to start from the place with the greatest depth. This layer is poured with liquid concrete, which in consistency resembles milk. Such a base dries for about a day. You can use another option and put claydite-cement-sand mixture on the base

Advice: Before laying expanded clay in the bathroom and the bathroom, you need to lay a layer of flooring waterproofing with an approach to the walls up to 8-10 cm.

High-quality wall decoration

High-quality floor preparation is the key to a long service life of the floor covering

Next, you need to directly level the floor. This can be done using a cement-sand screed or self-leveling floor. The first option is more budget. The cost of a bag of 40 kg is only 1000 AMD. The consumption of the solution depends on the layer of screed. However, this option will not give a smooth and even foundation. In addition, the cement-sand mixture dries completely in three to four weeks, which will stretch the course of repair work.

A more technological option is bulk floors. The mixture has a sufficiently liquid consistency, which allows it to evenly fill the entire space and take the horizon level.

Advice: Before filling the floor, the base should be primed twice with an acrylic primer.

The main disadvantage of the bulk floor is its cost. A bag of 25 kg will cost about 3,000 AMD. In connection with this, bulk floors are better to use when the height difference is not more than 4 cm. For a more significant difference, you can make a cement-sand screed, and lay a layer of bulk floors on top of it to get a more even surface at lower cash costs. This option is most preferred when a laminate or parquet is used as the floor covering.

High-quality floor preparation

Flooring is laid at the final stage of repair

Bulk floors dry out within 5-7 hours. You can lay tiles or linoleum after 2 days, and wooden flooring – after 7 days.

There is another modern solution. This is the laying of dry prefabricated floors. The material is represented by gypsum boards up to 20 mm thick, which are laid on a layer of expanded clay or other insulating material. This is a quick way to get a flat surface, suitable for finishing in a day. However, the cost of the material is 2000-4000 dr. Per piece.

Repair in a new building with and without materials

When buying a home in a new house, the question immediately arises, where to start repairing an apartment in a new building? It depends on the degree of suitability of the apartment for settlement. As mentioned, it can be freely planned, with a final or fine finish. Depending on this, construction organizations offer to perform one of the types of apartment renovation in a new building, the price of which is determined by the list of works:

  • Economy; 

  • Base; 
  • Full. 

The final stage of repair

When choosing a construction company to repair an apartment, you should pay attention to independent customer reviews

The package “Economy” includes the following types of work:

  • electrical wiring;
  • installation of partitions;
  • floor screed;
  • alignment and budget finish of the wall and ceiling surfaces;
  • linoleum flooring;
  • installation of baseboards;
  • door installation;
  • installation of plumbing fixtures on finished communications.

The cost of repairing an apartment in a new building will cost an average of 20,000 dr/m². This price does not include the cost of materials. They can be purchased independently, and can also be ordered from the contractor, who usually offers materials at affordable prices and good quality. In this case, the price of repair in the new building will include the cost and delivery of materials. It should also be borne in mind that the larger the area in the apartment, the cheaper the cost of repair per square meter. So, the repair of a one-room apartment in a new building will cost an average of 1,100,000. Dr., Two-room – 1,500,000 dr., Three-room – 1,800,000 dr.

Repair in a new building

Having decided to do major repairs on your own, you need to consider the additional waste of the purchase or rental of special equipment

The “Basic” package consists of the same list of works to which are added:

  • installation of communications for plumbing fixtures;
  • false ceiling device;
  • tiles in the bathroom and toilet;
  • installation of lighting devices.

The price of repairing an apartment from scratch in a new building will cost an average of 40,000 dr / m² excluding the cost of materials. In the basic repair for an additional fee, you can include the replacement of windows and installation of the loggia. So, the complex of works in a one-room apartment will cost an average of 1,500,000 dr. Repair of a two-room apartment in a new building will cost 2100000 dr., Three-room – 2600000 dr.

Full repair involves a set of measures that can turn a bare space into a comfortable residential apartment. The following activities are added to the works that are performed for the base package:

  • creation of a design project of an apartment;
  • decoration of the ceiling and walls with quality materials;
  • laminate flooring;
  • installation of utilities and plumbing of any kind and complexity.

Overhaul of an apartment

The cost of overhaul depends on many factors, including the cost of materials and the layout of the room 

Overhaul of an apartment in a new building will cost 55000-70000 dr / m² excluding the cost of materials. If the cost of work does not include a certain type of installation, it can be issued additionally for a certain fee.

The price of repairs in a new building with material will depend not only on the type, scope of work and floor space. It also takes into account the cost of specific building materials. So, the repair price in a new building with material from the budget range will be on average 40,000 dr / m². Work using more expensive materials will cost about 85,000 dr / m². The cost of repairing an apartment in a turnkey luxury building will cost at least 140,000 dr / m².

Many organizations specialize in the development and implementation of exclusive designs using high-quality finishing materials. The price of repairs with the materials of an apartment in a new building of this level will cost no less than 210,000 dr/ m².

High-quality finishing materials

In order to save money, laying fundamental communications and roughing in a new building can be entrusted to a team of professionals, and redecorate yourself

Performing repairs in a new building without finishing requires certain knowledge and skills. The desire to save may result in additional costs. To get a good result in a fairly short time it is better to entrust this matter to professionals and order the repair of a new building with materials, the price of which will depend on the preferences and financial capabilities of the customer.

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