Gypsum plasterboard ceilings for living room: photos and installation process

Date 06 August 2020
Gypsum plasterboard ceilings for living room: photos and installation process

Modern design of buildings is meaningless without the use of gypsum plasterboard layers. This material is popular no matter what it is. Due to their softness and flexibility, layers can be cut into edging, sheathe and sew with almost any surface. Very often this material is fitted with ceiling suspension constructions that can be simple or multi-level. For example, one can construct ceilings for a living room with gypsum plasterboard: it’s not difficult to find their photos and description of the installation process.

Single layer suspended ceiling

Single layer suspended ceiling

  1. How look like the bedroom gypsum plasterboard ceilings? Photos and design examples
  2. Installation of a single-layer suspended ceiling in the bedroom by yourself
  3. Preparatory work and marking
  4. Correction of the gypsum plasterboard sheets
  5. Creation of lighting
  6. Final design of plasterboard ceiling

How look like bedroom’s gypsum plasterboard ceilings? Photos and design examples

The best way to level the ceiling is to install a suspended ceiling system. There are many types of finishing materials for this kind of facing material, but we will consider the cheapest and most common of them: the gypsum plasterboard. The bedroom is a room where the ceiling should not only be practical, but also have a beautiful design. Bedroom gypsum plasterboard ceilings with their design variants are captured in a variety of ways:

  • Suspended single-layer ceiling with U-shaped placement on the roof tiles. Most often it installs in residential buildings

Ceiling fixation on suspended fittings

Ceiling fixation on suspended fittings

  • Multi-layered structures with a combination of frame fixing. The bottom layer can be constructed of straight lines or curves in any shape.

Suspending ceiling mount

Suspending ceiling mount

  • Single-level suspended ceiling, mounted on suspensions, attached to floor slabs. Mount this type in industrial and commercial premises with high ceilings;


Two- layered gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboard in two- layered ceiling

Advice! With a small height of the walls, you should not choose a multi-level type of structure. The construction of such a ceiling will greatly reduce the height of the room, which will make finding it uncomfortable. A beautiful ceiling can be created at the same level.

DIY installation of a single-level false ceiling in the bedroom

In order to independently make a suspended ceiling in your bedroom, you need to stock up with the necessary tools and materials. For this you need:

  • gypsum plasterboard. Its standard length and width is 120×250 cm, and the thickness is from 0.6 to 0.8 cm. This is the ceiling gypsum board. Unlike the wall, it is thinner and lighter. The required number of sheets is calculated by the area of the room, rounding up. When installing multi-level ceilings, the calculation is more complicated. In this case, you need to take into account the area of the side surfaces;

Drywall box around the ceiling

Drywall box around the perimeter of the ceiling

  • CD and UD profile. It is made of soft metal. With its help, the frame of the entire ceiling structure is built. Profile is 350 – 400 cm in length;
  • P – shaped mounts. In vernacular, they are called pawns. They are made of the same metal as the profiles themselves;
  • screws, screws, dowels;
  • putty;
  • fixtures and wiring to them;
  • a water level having a length greater than the diagonal of the room;
  • choklayn – a special thread with a blue, which beat off a horizontal line in level;

Bedroom Spot Lighting

Bedroom Spot Lighting

  • puncher and screwdriver;
  • construction knife;
  • mill for cutting holes for fixtures;
  • roulette, level, putty knife.

These tools and materials are enough to build a drywall ceiling for the bedroom. Photos of the various stages of installation also does not hurt to add to this list.

Advice! When screwing screws into drywall, use a special nozzle with a limiter. This will prevent paper tearing.

Double-layered ceiling

Double-layered ceiling

Preparatory work and marking

Before starting the main work, it is necessary to prepare the walls and the base of the ceiling. To do this, use a puncher from the ceiling to beat off pieces of plaster that do not hold well. If there is a curve between the walls and the ceiling, then we also remove the yoke. It is necessary to ensure that in the places of attachment of the profile of the wall were smooth.

ypsum plasterboard flower

Gypsum plasterboard flower in children’s room

In order to make the correct layout, you need to use the water level. To do this, look for the angle in which the ceiling is in the lowest place. The mark is set so that the bottom of the frame is at least 25 mm from the ceiling. From this label and begin to work level. You need to do this together. One person holds the water level in the first mark, and the second puts marks in each of the remaining corners. The Varpet application (click here to download) will help you, which can invite the corresponding wizard in a very short time.

Wood and plasterboard in the ceiling

Wood and plasterboard in the ceiling design

When the level is found in all angles, the points are connected by straight lines using the chocline. For wall mounting, the UD profile is intended. It is wrapped around the entire perimeter of the bedroom so that its lower edge coincides with the level lines. When all profiles are bolted, you need to find the most right angle in the room. It is from him that drywall will be mounted.

Glossy brown ceiling

The ceiling is painted with glossy brown paint

From a right angle every 50 cm, it is necessary to mark on the ceiling the places where the CD ceiling profile will be located. We do the same with the opposite wall. Symmetrical points on the walls are connected by parallel segments, which can be beat off with a chocline. On these segments through 50 cm. U-shaped fastenings are screwed. CD profiles are inserted into the wall profiles of the UD and skipped inside the pads. Then the middle of each profile is raised 2 to 3 cm higher and the nearest U-shaped mount is folded.

LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light

Поперек CD профилей туго натягивают нитку между профилями UD. Она будет служить уровнем. Затем по одному потолочные профили выставляются по нитке и фиксируются саморезами в пэшках. Когда все пэшки будут прикручены к профилям, каркас можно начинать обшивать гипсокартоном, но сначала необходимо подвести провода к местам, где будут светильники.

Gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboard in bedroom design

Plasterboard binder

Installation of a plasterboard ceiling for a bedroom, the photo of which will not disappoint your friends, must be done correctly. To do this, you must clearly observe the distance between the ceiling profiles. It must be exactly 50 cm. Since the length of the sheets is 250 cm, the sheet rests on 6 profiles. The last sixth, he closes only half. The second part will close the next sheet.

One-layered ceiling

One-layered ceiling in the bedroom

Advice! If the room does not fit an integer number of drywall sheets, then you should first fix them all. Then measure the remaining distances and cut the sheets on the floor, and then finish the job.

A wide edge of the ceiling perimeter

A wide edge of the ceiling perimeter

Fastening of drywall sheets to the frame is carried out using self-tapping screws 25 mm long. About 60 pieces should go on one sheet. Screws must be screwed in very carefully so as not to damage the sheet. In this case, the hats should be slightly recessed.

Spot lighting on suspended ceiling

Spot lighting on suspended ceiling

After all the sheets are hemmed, it is necessary to putty the joints and places of fastening of the screws. To do this, you can use any putty mixture or ready-made putty. As a tool we use a narrow spatula.

High Ceiling Design

High Ceiling Design in Bedroom

Lighting creation

Lighting in the bedroom should be special. It must have an adjustable brightness. To do this, you can use the main chandelier or lamp and independent point sources of light. The chandelier is mounted to the ceiling in the usual way, but for the installation of spot-mounted built-in fixtures, it is necessary to drill with the cutter the required number of holes to which to tighten the wires. After finishing the finish, you need to insert the lamps themselves into these holes.

Gypsum plasterboard overhead bed

Gypsum plasterboard overhead bed

Advice! It is most advantageous to use LEDs as a working element for spotlights. Although they are more expensive than incandescent lamps, they are very bright and consume significantly less electricity.

Ceiling constructions from gypsum plasterboard

Ceiling constructions from gypsum plasterboard

Drywall ceiling finishing

There are many ways to finish drywall ceilings for the bedroom. Photos of some options may suggest interesting ideas. The most common options are wallpapering and painting with water based paints. In addition, the suspended ceiling can be decorated with liquid wallpaper or apply decorative plaster on it. Before any decoration, it is recommended to apply several layers of primer to the sheets.

Comprehensive elements on the ceiling

Comprehensive elements on the ceiling

The installation technology of multi-level ceilings is not too different from the one discussed above. However, it is much more difficult to build it and this requires some skills, since you first need to make a template. The installation of curved ceilings provides for the bending of gypsum board strips when covering the side surfaces. This can be done easily if the strips are slightly moistened in water. A curved contour is cut with a knife or a jigsaw.

The beautiful and functional ceiling in the bedroom can be made of such simple material as drywall. It takes only a little patience and skill so that everything works out efficiently, beautifully and reliably.

The best help when installing such ceilings is the Varpet application, which can easily place an installation order directly from your smartphone in a matter of seconds, and an experienced wizard will come and help bring your ideas to life. 

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