Bathroom lighting. photos

It would seem easier arranging lighting in the bathroom, a photo of which will be of interest. However, this opinion is not true. Indeed, in order to illuminate this room with sufficiently bright soft diffused light, which creates coziness and comfort, it is necessary to have certain specific knowledge. We will try to convey their basic concept in this article.

Multiple Bathroom Lighting

What determines the choice of lighting in the bathroom

To properly organize the lighting system in the bathroom, the photo of which will be an example for others, you need to understand that its choice depends on the following important factors:

  • The color palette of the room and the style of interior design.
  • Features of the breakdown of the room into functional zones.
  • The number of levels of arrangement of fixed fixtures.
  • Competent selection of lighting devices.
  • The size of the repaired premises.
  • Your ability to visually change the space with the help of lighting.


Original bath lighting

First of all, it should be noted that it is necessary to think about the concept of a lighting system with specific solutions for the places of installation of light sources even before the start of bathroom repair. Photos of various objects will help you determine the overall composition. Everything should be provided for: cables for the fixtures were laid, false gypsum boards were built, a bathtub with lights was purchased, and all other necessary measures were taken.

It should also be noted that the Varpet application will help you organize the lighting in the bathroom, with which you can easily order the services of an experienced master. 

The chandelier in the bathroom should be made of waterproof materials

What is the lighting in the bathroom, photo options and the ability to install in different ceilings

All lighting fixtures that are suitable for use in the bathroom can be classified according to several criteria:

  • According to the level of placement in the room, wall, ceiling and even floor lamps can be distinguished.
  • By the type of protrusion above the surface, they can be open and embedded.
  • For the working area that their light covers, it is worth mentioning those that are installed near the mirror, door, in cabinets or over the bathroom.
  • By the type of lamp distinguish: halogen, incandescent, luminescent, LED, metal halide.
  • Depending on the purpose of application: main or general, working (directional or special) and additional decorative.
Combination of wall and ceiling lighting

Advice! At the stage of planning the arrangement of lighting in the bathroom, you need to calculate in advance the load on the electrical network that this room will give. Due to the increased humidity in the bathroom, it is worth installing a separate machine on this branch, which protects the network from short circuits.

Chandelier illuminates the washbasin and mirror

Types of ceilings and associated bathroom lighting fixtures

There are several options for ceiling structures that are constructed during the repair of the bathroom. Their photo always has images of some type of lighting. On ordinary painted ceilings, we can observe pendant lights. Their selection is quite diverse, and many are specifically designed for bathrooms, as they have increased protection against moisture.

Suspended structures, such as: gypsum board ceilings, plastic panels or tiles are most often equipped with built-in spotlights. It is convenient and aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time safe, as all wiring is securely hidden. Spotlights are also used in the case of suspended ceilings. If the bathroom has a ceiling system in several levels, then you can apply LED backlighting between them.

Chandeliers combined with ceiling lights

s for the types of lamps used for lighting in the bathroom, the photo of various ceiling structures tells us that today the most popular are halogen and fluorescent lamps. At the same time, there is still a significant number of incandescent lamps, and LED light sources have also begun to appear.

In fact, it is not so important what type of lamp is used in the lighting device. What matters is how much this appliance meets the requirements that are customary to present to equipment operating in such a specific environment as a bathroom.

Intelligent multi-functional bathroom lighting

What are the requirements for fixtures in the bathroom

Since the room for the bathroom, due to its specificity, has a high level of humidity and temperature differences, special requirements apply to the electrical appliances used:

fixtures should not be afraid of moisture and even splashing water. This makes it impossible to use incandescent lamps without protective shades, since when water gets on a burning light bulb, it is destroyed with a spread of hot fragments, which can lead to injuries and burns. The degree of protection against moisture lighting devices in the bathroom should start from IP24;

The backlight is hidden in a wall niche
  • the bath area or shower should only be equipped with low-voltage lamps with a voltage of up to 12 V;
  • in the immediate vicinity of the shower or bath (closer than 60 cm), only luminaires with a class II protection against electric shock are allowed;
Primary and secondary bathroom lighting
  • any fixture used in the bathroom should be equipped with a protective cover, and its parts made of metal with corrosion protection.
Soft diffused lighting example

Advice! Do not overload the bathroom with electrical appliances. Excessive wiring and lighting will sooner or later lead to a short circuit.

How to conduct light into the bathroom

In order to properly make the lighting in the bathroom, the photo of which may surprise all your friends, you need to know some standards and rules. The number of light sources used is highly dependent on the area of ​​the room. A standard bathroom with an area of ​​4.5 m² can be quite qualitatively illuminated by a single lamp mounted on the ceiling, which has 2 lamps of 60 W each.

At the same time, another lamp near the mirror will not hurt if there is a man in the house. After all, shaving in good light is much more convenient. And women often like to apply makeup in the bathroom.

Wall lights are located on both sides of the large mirror

Spacious bathrooms require light to fill every functional area: bathing (where the bath or shower is installed), washing and others. In the wash zone, the lighting should be natural and uniform with a luminous flux of not more than 600 lux. For this reason, do not install fluorescent lamps near the mirror, which greatly deepen the shadows and make the face look unnatural blue-green.

Examples of using LED backlight

Do not forget about the requirements of harmony in the implementation of repairs in the bathroom. Photos, where the lamps are fully consistent with the entire color scheme of the interior of the room, are more attractive. Warm tones of decoration with white walls are in perfect harmony with LED lamps and incandescent lamps with white shades. If the walls are yellow, then LEDs, halogen lamps and incandescent lamps with transparent glass will look good.

The yellow-green interior design requires the use of the same lamps, but with a color temperature <3300 K. The red and orange colors require a softer light of the same temperature. For cold tones, LEDs, fluorescent and metal halide lamps with a neutral white light from 3000 to 5000K are suitable.

Spotlight in plasterboard ceiling

Lighting by Level

Usually there is a certain tier in the lighting of the bathroom. Photos of some solutions illustrate this perfectly.

Lighting of the upper level is considered to be one that is above 180 cm from the floor level. It can consist of several lighting devices, and only one. Therefore, the flight of fantasy here is endless: from the starry sky to a luxurious single chandelier. On the ceiling, there may be several rows of lamps that illuminate each of its zones.

Ceiling illumination of the shower area

The average level of lighting is not higher than the level of human eyes. Its task is to illuminate the mirror area. For shaving, just one lamp above the mirror is enough, and for makeup you need to do lighting from two opposite sides.

Advice! In the bathroom it is very useful to illuminate the interior of the furniture. For this, an LED strip can serve. It can also be used to decorate the edges of the bath.

Bathroom lighting options

In the flooring no higher than 10 cm from the floor is the lower level. Most often, this is a decorative lower backlight made of LED strip or sealed fixtures.

Thus, this is not such a simple matter – lighting in the bathroom. The photo and the instruction proposed by us will help you in its proper organization. And the best way to do this is to trust an experienced craftsman, which is possible only with the Varpet application (which can be downloaded here), where you can choose the services of an electrician and just wait until your master arrives and does all the work necessary to get perfect lighting


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It would seem easier arranging lighting in the bathroom, a photo of which will be of interest. However, this opinion is not true. Indeed, in order to illuminate this room with sufficiently bright soft diffused light, which creates coziness and comfort, it is necessary to have certain specific knowledge. We will try to convey their basic concept in this article.
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