Bathroom and toilet renovation. photos of interesting solutions

Date 07 August 2020
Bathroom and toilet renovation. photos of interesting solutions

Everyone who lives in a well-maintained apartment will sooner or later make repairs to the bathroom and toilet, a photo of which then, perhaps, will become his pride. However, for this to happen in this way, you need to make the right choice of material for finishing these rooms and make repairs in compliance with the requirements stipulated by the building rules.

The walls in the bathroom are painted in contrasting yellow.

Wet rooms material requirements

The bathroom and toilet in any apartment are the focus of a large number of utilities related to water supply and sewage. For this reason, any repair in such rooms is required to solve the problem of hiding these ugly, but so necessary elements from the human eye.

The constant use of water creates a humid “tropical” climate in the bathroom and tub. This circumstance forces us to use only those materials in repairs that are not afraid of the periodic increase in air temperature and increased humidity. Not only moisture resistance is important in itself, but it is also required that the material does not allow fungi, bacteria and molds to multiply, which like humidity.

Modern white bathroom

Modern white bathroom

In most old houses, where the repair of the bathroom and toilet is primarily required, the rooms have a very small area. For this reason, the selected type of finishes and materials should not further aggravate this situation. High humidity, among other things, can cause a short in the wiring. Therefore, materials should not readily ignite or release toxic substances during melting.

 separated toilet

The toilet is separated from the bathroom by a beveled GKL partition

Repair of the bathroom and toilet, photos of the materials used and their properties

Understanding the requirements that must be imposed on the finishing materials used in the repair of bathrooms and bathrooms, you can consider those of them that today enjoy well-deserved popularity.

The shower area with bright turquoise tiles

The shower area is lined with bright turquoise tiles

It is imperative to immediately discard materials that are unacceptable to use for finishing the bathroom. This is primarily wood. No matter how well it has been processed, it is simply impossible to protect the tree from decay and the emergence of unnecessary “life”. Unlike a bath, in a bathroom wood will never dry out, since the temperatures there are not so high. Do not use metal finishes for bathroom decoration. The ubiquitous corrosion will destroy all your labors in a very short time.

Classic style bathroom

Classic style bathroom

Advice! You can use aluminum panels to decorate the bathroom. They are not prone to corrosion damage due to the chemical characteristics of this metal.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style in the design of the bathroom

Stucco finishing by painting

Obviously, this option for the repair of the bathroom and toilet has the full right to exist. Photos of some of these works illustrate quite bright and non-trivial finishes. It is important here that when plastering walls and ceilings, mixtures for damp rooms or outdoor work should be used.

Do not use decorative plaster with a textured surface in the bathroom. It will certainly become the source of your “headache” about the dirt, which will soon appear in all the bumps. The painted and dried plaster should be painted with waterproof enamels. Maintenance of such surfaces will be quite convenient, after a few years the paint can be updated.

marine style

Stylish design of the bathroom in a marine style

Assessing the properties of this material, we can conclude that plaster is the cheapest material, even taking into account painting. It is easy to apply, having the appropriate technique for the production of such works. Care of the painted surface is simple and convenient. However, this material requires “wet” work and the complete removal of the old layer of plaster.

the bathroom with decorative brick

Wall cladding in the bathroom with decorative brick

If the mixture is improperly selected, fungus and mold may appear. Normal plaster does not have pronounced decorative qualities. For this reason, this option of repairing a bathroom and toilet is of the lowest popularity today. Photos of the design of these rooms are mainly illustrated by other finishing materials.

Painted walls in the bathroom

Painted walls in the bathroom

Advice! Do not start plastering if you have never plastered walls. This process is quite complicated for beginners. It takes time to learn how to do it exactly.

Repair with PVC panels

Polyvinyl chloride is a universal material. Its properties are such that they exclude even the very possibility of getting wet already at the molecular level. This circumstance favors the use of PVC panels for finishing bathrooms and toilets.

Panels are products with two layers in the form of rails. Their width is different, as is the color. A feature of the panels is that at the ends of each rail there is a ridge-groove lock connection. This allows you to very tightly close the surface of the walls and ceiling, eliminating the possibility of moisture penetration under the coating.

The use of various decoration materials

The use of various decoration materials in the design of the bathroom

It is noteworthy that the cost of this material is affordable for almost everyone. It is quite strong and durable. Caring for plastic is not at all difficult. It only needs to be wiped periodically so that there are no traces of smudges. Mounting on the walls and ceiling of such a coating is possible for people who know how to properly hold tools in their hands. It is carried out either directly on a completely leveled surface, or on a special crate of guides.

In the second case, a smoother wall is obtained, but part of the area is “stolen”. Lathing also solves the problem of masking communications. As a disadvantage, the low environmental friendliness of this material and the need to seal joints and corners with a sealant should be noted.

Modern bathroom renovation

Modern bathroom renovation using tiles and glass

This material, due to accessibility, is almost the most common for repairing the bathroom and toilet. Photos of these rooms, trimmed with PVC panels, are very attractive.

Tiled toilet

Tiled toilet

Bathroom decoration with tiles: photos of designs

The traditional material for decorating the toilet and the bathroom is the tile for the bathroom. Photos of the rooms trimmed with tiles prevail over all others. This is no coincidence. After all, ceramic tile has full compliance with all the requirements for material for a wet room. It is used both for wall decoration and floor decoration. A huge number of colors and textures of this material allows you to create unique design solutions.

Properly glued tiles exclude the possibility of moisture getting under it, so neither fungus, nor mold, nor pathogenic bacteria are scary to the walls. There is nothing easier than tiling for a bathroom. The photo perfectly shows how the tile that just washed with any washing solution can shine. The high price and some installation complexity are the disadvantages of this material. However, these difficulties can be overcome with the help of the Varpet application, which can record the visit of a qualified specialist who will do the job.

Bathroom decoration with tiles

The walls and floor of the toilet are tiled

How to tile a bathroom

Finishing a bathroom with tiles, the design photo of which can be easily chosen to your taste, is a rather time-consuming process. It begins with the fact that the entire old coating is removed. Using a puncher, beat off the old tile and, if necessary, cement screed. Then all clean and eliminate bumps.

Colorful tiles

Colorful tiles are often used to design bathroom

Advice! For floor stickers, it is better to use porcelain stoneware. It practically does not slip when wet. It is better to decorate walls with a tile for a bathroom. Photos of some compositions are very original.

Snow-white bathroom

Snow-white bathroom in a simple style

Tiles are glued to the floor without gaps. Each tile must be tapped with a rubber mallet to detect voids. Grouting can be done using a piece of insulated wire of the required diameter.

Wood in the design of the toilet

Wood in the design of the toilet

The walls are faced with gaps, the uniformity of which is ensured by special crosses. These crosses are installed in every corner of the tile. Stick on the tiles begin from the bottom. Suture processing is similar. The corners between the walls must be sealed with silicone sealant.

PVC panels for bathroom walls

PVC panels for bathroom walls

From all of the listed repair methods, the most suitable is to finish the bathroom with tiles. Photos of the interior design of this room indicate that this material is the most popular, despite the cost.

We can add that all of the above tasks and solutions can be ordered from the Varpet application (you can download it here).

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