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1. Household appliance
Household appliances play a major role in your overall comfort, quickly handling a variety of tedious tasks. It can be easy to forget how much work our appliances do for us, but it becomes clear very quickly when they break down. From piles of dirty dishes to a freezer full of melting ice, appliance problems can bring an issues. Instead of trying to deal with the mess all on your own, schedule with Varpet app for expert home appliance repair service.
2. Smart devices
If you own a smartphone, you probably depend on it daily. Your phone brings you the latest news, connects you to important contacts, stores your favorite pictures, and helps you get to appointments on time. We understand that if it gets damaged or stops working correctly, you will need fast smartphone repair service wherever you are. Our technicians are trained to fix a vast range of smartphone models so that your dependable device can be back in life quickly.
3. Sanitary ware
If you love beautiful design in the bathroom and kitchen and recognize the importance of excellent quality, then this is the right Platform for you. From toilet roll and toothbrush holders, to toilets and basins is easy to maintain with an attractive design and are ideal for any bathroom environment to suit the existing suite. Due to Varpet platform it is no longer a problem for you to find a good sanitary ware master, the most professional specialists have already joined us.
4. Electricity
To get things set up or to get them running again after a breakdown, getting the right electrician can keep you safe and keep your home secure. Not only you need the right tools and materials, you also need the right knowledge. With Varpet, you can select the time and date depending on your convenience. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, you can get a full home health check done to ensure all your wirings, switch boards, appliances, lights are functioning as they should.
5. Computer repair
Making sure your equipment is in good health is vital, and your technology needs should be in the hands of someone that you can trust. Our expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet all your computer repair needs. Technicians of Varpet are able to help resolve a variety of technology issues, ranging from the simple to the complex.
6. Household works
No one likes living amidst a big mess. Our professional cleaners will ensure your home to look its best, so you can have a clean and healthy place. This includes cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and dusting, doing dishes and laundry. This service is focused on just that helping out around the house. If you may not have the time to take care of all the small tasks that need to be done around your home, the solution is simple - make your life less complicated by using Varpet to take care of all of the small, but necessary housekeeping items.
7. Construction and repair works
Masters of Varpet provide construction services for a variety of maintenance and repair services. Our masters have experience with successfully executing small to large construction and repair projects. Because of our masters experience and expertise in construction, they can provide your house with long lasting maintenance and repair. Here you can find general construction work, repair, painting, masonry and much more. Varpet can make your life more efficient and pleasurable by taking care of your construction needs rather than letting them get worse with time.
8. Workforce
You can hire workforce services your home. From dreaded flat-pack furniture assembly to transport your things, or to general home maintenance and repair masters help. In addition to freeing up your time for the more important things in life, booking a workforce service through Varpet app will give you the security of knowing that things are being handled by an expert. If the sight of a hammer or screwdriver fills you with anxiety and you’d rather leave things to a professional, Varpet app is ready to help.
9. Heating
When it gets cold outside, rest assured that you will have fast and efficient comfort inside. Our heating masters specialize in heating services including installation and replacement and repairment services that will maximize your heating unit’s life and efficiency. Let our experts repair your existing heating or install a new system. Our trained masters have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time. No job is too large or too small for Varpet.
10. Care
You can get so many beauty services at home now - but should you? No more rushing to get your nails done. We have listed our top at-home beauty services that bring the salon directly to your door. This section offers everything from manicures and pedicure make-up and hairstyle services right in the comfort of your living room. Just few taps and you are done! We also make it easy for you to select the service or beautician by providing relevant information and trusted reviews about the masters.
11. Health
When a loved one’s health declines, it is stressful for families. Often, the best option is to bring the care so they can recover at home. Patients who receive skilled nursing care at home can avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. The most common form of home health care is some type of nursing care depending on the person's needs. In consultation with the doctor, a registered nurse will set up a plan of care. Nursing care may include injection, massage therapy, monitoring the general health of the patient, pain control, and other health support.
12. Gardening
If you have a garden and greenery around your home, then it is very important to keep it maintained and attended to so that it will add charm and beauty to your home. If you cannot take care of the plants and the lawn, then why not get the experts to maintain it, instead of seeing these plants. Our masters can turn any dull-looking garden area into heaven. No matter you want side yard gardens or some greenery or to care about your house flowers - our masters will help in creating customized gardens that meet your needs and preferences.
13. Events
Whether you are planning for small private parties, birthdays, corporate events, or celebrating grand occasions like weddings, search no further! Our masters can personalize their decorating services to suit your theme, tastes and individual goals. Our masters understand your need to have everything perfect on your big occasion. The masters can handle the decoration needs of any event whether it be a wedding, a party, a corporate event or anything else. You should only enjoy.
Our Services
Sanitary ware
Renovation of sanitary ware is a very serious and responsible work. Any mistake can cause serious problems, such as flooding with a nearby home. In order to avoid such problems and also have a beautifully renovated bathroom, you should only hire a skilled master. Attaching importance to this problem, we make very seriously the choice of professionals. All masters are skilled and have many years of experience. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
The Care category offers a full packet of beauty care for both women and men. There are hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, make-up, hair removal. The category also includes straightening and curling of hair, as well as artificial hair extensions. There is also a beard care service for men. All masters are skilled and have years of experience. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Household works
This category includes capital and daily cleaning of apartments, private houses, office space and other places. The staff quickly perform the job, due to which you will have a clean hygienic apartment or office. There is also a household assistant who can help with your daily works such as curtains washing, ironing and hanging, dishes washing, and other household works. There is a cleaning service after renovation. The service charge does not include materials used for cleaning. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Construction and repair works
There are cosmetic and capital repair of apartments, private houses, office areas, interior and exterior design works. Any renovation and construction work can be found in this section. Works are carried out very quickly, in short terms. All professionals have high-quality technical knowledge and many years of experience. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Electricity service is one of the most demanded services. Here you can find a list of great electrical services. Qualified masters will perform installation and dismantling of apartments, office space, also installation and repair of chandeliers, geysers and sockets. All the masters are skilled and have many years of experience. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Everything you need to make your holiday unforgettable can be found in Events category. Here are professional photography services for different occasions, as well as professional photography. You can also order decoration service for the hall or church for the wedding, christening, birthday or other events. The specialist visit on the day and hour you have marked. The visit will take place at your chosen date and time. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Everyone wants to have a green garden with beautiful flowers. In this category you can find all the gardening services (land sprinkler, planting of trees and placing the lawn placement, etc.).You can order the service both for the gardens of houses and for the gardens of offices and business centers. Experienced professionals will also take care for your room plants if you need to be away from home for a long time. The visit will take place at your chosen date and time. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
The section includes professional nurse services who visit homes and do the necessary injections. There is also a service for ill and old people, as well as massage services. We offer only honest professionals who will care for your patient. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
The category presents design and installation of heating systems for apartments, private houses and office space. The construction and installation works are made both for several storeyed houses, large apartments, offices and for other areas. There are also services of different sizes holes in walls and installation of pipes, opening of holes for chimney. All professionals have high-quality technical knowledge and have many years of experience. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Smart devices
In this category you can find any kind of repairment of smart phones. The specialist goes himself to the place where the client has marked (home, workplace, cafe, etc.). We understand how important it is to be in touch today, so all masters are very skilled and have many years of phone repair experience. You can stay calm for your phone because the repair will be done right before your eyes and you can follow the whole process of repair. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
If you plan to renovate or build your apartment or house or just to move your furniture to a new home , this category is for you. The category of Workforce includes various kinds of works. Here you can find various demolition works. There are also furniture demolition and transportation works. All the masters are experienced and quick. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Household appliance
The category includes repair of large household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, oven, gas stove, air conditioner, etc.), diagnostics, replacement of spare parts. Only good skilled and experienced masters are making services. The master visit you the day and time you have marked in the order. All the masters are skilled and have many years of experience. Orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
Computer repair
This category we offer specialized repair and software maintenance for computers and laptops. The specialist will visit your home or office and repair it before your eyes. There are services of diagnostic, necessary repair, and correction the settings of the computer, which will help to increase its speed. There is also deleted and damaged files recovery service. All professionals have years of experience, which will allow them to detect and solve the problem in a short time. All orders are managed by the platform staff. In any case you can immediately contact us.
(Հայերեն) Այս «սենյակի» լուսավորումը միայն նախընտրությամբ չէ պայմանավորված: Լոգասենյակը տան ամենախոնավ հատվածն է։ Ուստի այստեղի լուսավորմանը հարկավոր է շատ զգուշորեն մոտենալ: Այստեղ ամենակարևորն անվտանգ լուսավորության կազմակերպումն է: Ուզո՞ւմ եք լոգասենյակը լուսավորել: Չգիտեք ինչպես: Ինչից սկսել: Ինչը հաշվի առնել:
(Հայերեն) Վերանորոգումը հեշտ է սկսել, բայց դժվար է ավարտել: Այս պնդումը հաճախ կարելի է լսել: Սակայն, այն ճիշտ է միայն այն դեպքում, երբ չկա հստակ նպատակ և գործողությունների մանրամասն ծրագիր: Այս հոդվածում մենք կպատմենք Ձեզ, թե ինչպես կարող եք այդ ամենը կազմակերպել: Հոդվածն ընթերցելիս Դուք կիմանաք, թե ինչպես որոշել վերանորոգման տեսակը և դիզայնը: Կկարողանաք նաև հասկանալ, հաշվարկել և կազմել վերանորոգման աշխատանքների արժեքը: Կծանոթանաք տների վերանորոգման աշխատանքների հերթականությանն ու սենյակի հարդարման տարբերակներին: Բացի այդ, կներկայացնենք նաև օգտակար խորհուրդներ, որոնք կարող են օգնել Ձեզ խուսափել մի շարք սխալներից:
Բնակարանի նորոգումը նորակառույց շենքում ունի բազմաթիվ նրբություններ: Ընդհանրապես, նորակառույցում բնակարան ընտրելիս առավել հաճախ նախապատվությունը տրվում է առանց հարդարման կացարանին: Իհարկե, նման անշարժ գույքի գինը շատ ավելի ցածր է, քան սովորական վերանորոգված բնակարաններինը: Բացի այդ, այս տարբերակը հնարավորություն է տալիս կատարել բոլոր վերանորոգման և հարդարման աշխատանքները սեփական ցանկություններին և ֆինանսական հնարավորություններին համապատասխան:
(Հայերեն) Հեղուկ պաստառներն աշխարհում հայտնի են տարբեր անվանումներով. Ֆրանսիայում՝ որպես «պատերի զարմանահրաշ ծածկույթ», Ճապոնիայում՝ «մետաքսե զարդածածկ»: Այն երբեմն կոչում են նաև «դանիական ծեփ», քանի որ այս տեխնոլոգիան առաջին անգամ կիրառվել է դանիացի մասնագետների կողմից:
From this article you can find out what features chandeliers with a control panel have: classification of existing products, their distinguishing features, principle of operation. The text provides recommendations that will help with the selection of a high-quality device according to the main criteria, as well as instructions with a detailed description of the installation and repair of the chandelier with the most common breakdowns.  
The current years many homeowners have more alternate eastern electricity. The establishment of solar panels is gradually gaining popularity. It is not very far off in the sense of giving good fortune. Here are many things: how do you make your own batteries? The correct budget allocation breaks in the this article.
It would seem easier arranging lighting in the bathroom, a photo of which will be of interest. However, this opinion is not true. Indeed, in order to illuminate this room with sufficiently bright soft diffused light, which creates coziness and comfort, it is necessary to have certain specific knowledge. We will try to convey their basic concept in this article.
You can often hear that repairment is easy to start, but hard to finish. The statement is true when the owners do not have a clear goal and a detailed plan of action regarding the transformation of the home. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea of what should result in the end. Starting home repairs, you need to carefully think through all the steps and purposefully follow in the direction of implementation of the plan. How to do this, tells this article.
Everyone who lives in a well-maintained apartment will sooner or later make repairs to the bathroom and toilet, a photo of which then, perhaps, will become his pride. However, for this to happen in this way, you need to make the right choice of material for finishing these rooms and make repairs in compliance with the requirements stipulated by the building rules.
Laminate flooring is a modern floor covering that has replaced expensive parquet and wooden floors. Initially, he was afraid of moisture, an untimely wiped puddle from spilled water could forever ruin the coating. The solution to this problem was a waterproof laminate of 12 mm class 33, Germany and manufacturers of other European countries offer coatings that can be laid even in pools. This universal finishing material, despite its rather high price, has become popular among consumers, because German quality has always been in price.
Liquid wallpaper has appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already has managed to win its special place among other finishing materials. Although many still prefer classic paper wallpapers to them, mistakenly believing that it is easier to work with. We will examine in more detail what constitutes a finishing coating - liquid wallpaper, how to apply them to a wall and other surfaces. Whether their application is really a complex labor-intensive process that requires special training.